16 December 2009

Pierrepont Hick's Field Bow & Cocktail

I've never been gifted a bow tie - I've never invented a cocktail.

The folks at Pierrepont Hicks are some very nice folks. They gifted me their bow tie, the Field,which is made in NYC and sells for all of $59 . That ain't bad. I could swing $59 on my own but this affords me the chance to buy another belt.

A lot of men and David Sedaris won't wear bow ties and that's okay. Not everyone can pull them off. I didn't wear one until I was 44. I've made my stand about bow ties (and Sedaris) before so I'll just say the Field bow with the shantung silk backing is my new favorite. The green, blue and yellow with the orange really inspired me and I don't have an inspiration board. You gotta work for Ralph Lauren to have one of those.

So I invented a cocktail.

' The Pierrepont Hick's Field Stripper' is made from one part Manzanilla Sherry. One part Cointreau and a dash of Fee Brothers Orange Bitters. Add ice and stir. A lot. Get it cold before you try it. On the rocks or strain it into a martini glass and add a slice of orange. This is what the Field bow tastes like to me. Subtle St. Augustine oranges floated on a Chapel Hill green forest of pine trees and everyone's naked except for yellow cashmere socks.

If your boyfriend, husband or partner wears a bow tie - - this is a great present. I like the Giles bow too. If they don't like bow ties - - don't waste your time. But they just might like this cocktail.


Anonymous said...

Bow ties, erections, booze and cashmere socks. The image it burns into one's mind...D

L.A.S said...

Their Fergus model is highly coveted around these parts...and what nice people too! Three cheers for people who are doing things right. And, booze of course; always booze.

GSV JR said...

I own three bowties and they're all Brooks reps. Never "use" them. I own two bottles of bitters: One's Angostoura; the other's Regan's Orange Bitters. "Use" 'em at least once a week.

Enzo AGC said...

I would argue that you do have an inspiration board. It can be found at thetrad.blogspot.com...

The People's Business said...

Thanks for the tip about that company - it's just my style and I'll check them out.

One question - I actually like the shirt - an Oxford butcher stripe? Can you tell us more about that?


EsseQuamVideri said...

Love this post! That's all I can say. Love this post.

Particularly the part about not having an inspiration board, and you have to work at RL to have one of those. A beaut.


mac said...

thanks tintin. kat has already written down the recipe for this weekend's cocktail hour with a grou p of 8 coming for dinner saturday. Honored by your mention. - mac from pph

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the coverage over at the Times!

Keith said...

I think some men pull of a bow tie better than others. I've got a friend who wears them all the time. He looks great wearing one.

Brummagem Joe said...

Great bowtie. I've always worn bow ties intermittently but invariably in a formal or semi formal context.....Blazer, sportcoat, suit, cardigan. But of late I've started wearing them with a pair of bags, appropriate check or striped shirt and a crew neck sweater of cashmere, merino or shetland.....the bow protrudes above the crew neck on the sweater. There are plenty of
20's and 30's refs for this look but I've not seen it around much. This bow would work very well in that context so I'll go ahead and order one.

Alice Olive said...

Love that you're listed in NY Times today!

Charles said...

You're in the Times again. You're like PUF Daddy. Get an agent and buy me a drink.

Chas S. Clifton said...

You were "gifted" if you played like Mozart at age 8.

Otherwise, someone "gave" you a bowtie.

"To be gifted" as a pseudo-transitive verb is a gross usage.

That is all.

F.E. Castleberry said...

I think I'm getting a taste of the Giles pattern soon...I'm looking forward to its arrival. I'll be anxious to see if it meets the Ralphy standard.

tintin said...

D- I'm very visual.

LAS- They're doing it right. Not many are nowadays.

Stew- I don't know if I'd wear a bow tie in your neck of the woods but I'm surprised as all get out you can find Regan's bitters in those woods.

Enzo- Inspiration? I own all this crap and I'm runnin outta room.

People's Biz- It's a University Stripe Oxford. Green in color and from Enzo's employer. Hell, Enzo may have designed it.

EQV- When Ralph was trying to hire photographer, Slim Aarons, who was lacking confidence, Ralph said, "Hey, just rip yourself off." That's inspiration.

Mac- I'm late getting to these comments so you'll have to tell me if you could find Manzanilla Sherry and if the drink was a thud or success.

Anon, Alice and LWing- I don't think they know how old I am but don't say anything.

Brummagen Joe- Where did you find bags?

Chas Gifton- I apologise for using 'gifted' as a verb. I have more of an issue with it sounding affected which should not be confused with wearing a bow tie.

F. E. Castleberry- I have no doubt that you will be pleased.

Anonymous said...

Actually I liked the usage...Sounds a little pretentious...rather British...I'll never understand the stand against the bow tie...I've always liked 'em.
I work in a quite stuffy place. Recently I started wearing bow ties to work. You'd think I'd reinvented the wheel based on the reactions received.
This is a great blog...I read many of them...and, well, I don't know how to break this to you gently ..but...it's not just about fashion.