01 December 2009

God and The Shaggy Dog

The J Press Shaggy Dog Shetland

Just like bacon.

I often wonder if God gets bored. Maybe even burned out. How many times has He been down the same road? I mean, if I get bored doing the same thing for 20 years - - just imagine what it's like for Him? An eternity is like...a long time, dude.

Over and over and over. And the, "Been There. Done That. Got the T Shirt." He must have a Katrillion of 'em. It's no wonder He knows what's gonna happen. It's like me giving a dog bacon. I know for a fact he's going to eat it. J Press is like that for me. They know I'm gonna eat the bacon. Especially when there's a sale. All you need to do is point me to the Shaggy Dogs.

Shetlands are Shetlands but J Press puts every other Shetland to shame with their bright colors, generous fit, substantial heft and reasonable price. Plus, I like the inside tag. I commented on a photo Alice Olive posted of a brilliant blue sky and wondered where I could find a sweater in that color blue. Go figure I'd find it at Press. Maybe God's hanging out there - - Kicking back on one of those Barcelona chairs. After all, don't we know what dog is spelled backwards?


L.A.S said...

I need to get my hands on one of these...I have never heard a single negative thing about them. On the wishlist...

The Sluice Box said...

I recently asked my clothing mule to return with one of these sweaters from the DC store. I just couldn't warm up to the fuzzed texture, which gives it a worn quality. I love Shetland, but the Shaggy Dog treatment is not for me. I ended up sending the sweater back to the store. Overall, the construction and detailing were excellent, with the one exception that may only be an issue with me. -Aaron

JRS said...

Great post...these only get better with age.

Richard M said...

I'm getting the Kelly green one.

Anonymous said...

They almost come in too many colors. Decisions decisions...

Paul said...

I have the "somewhat electric blue" one. Only problem is that the neck is too small. I've only worn it maybe two times (it has to be very cold in FL to wear it).

Anonymous said...

I love the shaggy dog, but XL is just to small for me -- life has been a very broadening experience.

Might I recommend L.L. Bean's cable shetland for other "double wides" like myself? I just got mine and it has a good fit and finish, and the price is absurdly low!

DAM said...

I know this will probably sound like blasphamy, but do you not "shave" the sweater to keep it from getting all fuzzy? I guess that's what makes it "shaggy"

heavy tweed jacket said...

No doubt God wears one in a brilliant sky blue and probably has a bunch of dogs who really are shaggy. Great musings.

Robert Zacher said...

" ... bright colors, generous fit, substantial heft and reasonable price ... "

On the J. Press web site they list for $165, now on sale at $123 ... Yikes! I hardly call that reasonable price, even on sale, for a decent, well made Shetland crew.

In this case I've tried them on and like others here find the neck too small and restrictive. And all that ... er ... FUZZ! No thanks. These days most folks have replaced those old wools with great looking, more serviceable polar fleece.

If you do want wool you can go to LL Bean and buy cashmere for the same price as those shaggy dogs.

Just sayin ...

tintin said...

LAS- Try one out. They're the bee'sw knees. Unless you have a really thick neck or like boat neck sweaters.

Sluice- I love your blog and your photography. Beautiful images.

I kinda like 'worn' but that's me. Oddly enough (maybe not oddly), The Trad does not see many California folks. I'm not their mustard I guess.

JRS- I wish I was getting better with age.

Richard M- Are you Sgt Nick Penis? Just cough twice if you are. If you're not - - As you were -- you have the same name as my very best friend in the Army which is why you would go for the Green.

Mannifold- Look at is this way. They're cheap suits. They last forever (sans the China made stuff), pair them with charcoal grey slacks (need I say flat front?), a white button down and they're the perfect office attire. Formal enough to make the schmo in dockers and a golf shirt feel like an idiot and casual enough to make the tool in the suit on Friday (me) marvel at your sprezzatura or whatever that Italian word is for not giving a f**k.

Paul - Don't tell me about sweaters in FL. Since the world has heated up- you need a sweater in FL like you need another hurricane. Plus, the neck is not too small! It's supposed to be that way.

Death Bredon- Have you tried them this year? The XL is massive and I understand they're running more true to size this year than last.

Where are the LL Bean sweaters made? The catalog says imported but I doubt they're from Scotland.

Knitted goods from Latin America and China usually fall apart pretty quickly. Within their 1st year. Meanwhile, authentic (Scotz) Shetlands can go for donkey years. Lastly, the colors LL Bean offers are a thumping bore. Hence their marketing focus: Sell to the masses. If you like being the masses...

DAM - It is. Are you from California?

HTJ- A nice image. I always took God for a terrier Man...Full of life.

Robert Z- Turn over a rock and every retailer and his brother are selling cashmere sweaters this year for spit. Think about that and get back to me.

Robert Zacher said...

These days I prefer a finer weave English or Scottish lambswool or cashmere over the old, bulky Shetland crewneck sweater. I don't by from Bean out of the catalog or online. I have to see the goods in hand before I buy. No mistakes that way.

Mike said...

I have several shaggy dog crew
necks from JPress -- and they
are definitely the best sweaters
that money can buy. They're a
great fit, they last well for
multiple years, and consistently
look good. Additionally, the
texture couldn't be better.