23 December 2009

Corporate Christmas Gift

The Christmas Tie

I worked for a man who gave Hermes ties and scraves to his clients every Christmas. Any left overs were thrown to the employees like table scraps. I never did get a left over but someone who did gave me his. This isn't a Hermes tie but I think it's a damned sight more interesting.

No idea who Doubl Glo was much less Jennings, Jones LTD. This tie was discovered in a St Augustine, FL thrift shop and was priced far too high at .50 cents. It's dirty and nicked up a bit. The candy canes are upside down and it's far too narrow. But I kind'a like it.


Old School said...

A little Googling would have told you that Doubl*Glo was a major manufacturer of Christmas ornaments.

L.A.S said...

What's far too narrow?

tintin said...

Old School- Thanks for looking it up. I'm traveling today and didn't have the time.

LAS- Too narrow for me? I'd say it's about the width of a RL Rugby tie. Unlined as well.

Belle de Ville said...

Hermes ties and scarves as corporate christmas gifts...wow.
That man must have had a Goldman Sachs sized bonus!

Anonymous said...

Have a great Christmas. Thanks so much for all the great posts this year. D