08 December 2009

Formal Week: The Velvet Dinner Jacket

A Black Velvet Jacket

A Purple Label Purple Tie

Let me just say that shooting black velvet is a mother. It sucks up light like a sponge, my meter is all over the place and the ISO... Trust me. You don't wanna know. So why am I telling you?

This is a black velvet (did you get that?) dinner jacket with side vents. The cloth or the goods as I was taught by the old guys working in suits at Brook's Brothers, "Feel those goods, Tintin? Those are niiiccceeee goods...." are like butter. It's amazingly light and also very warm. The cut is English but it's made in Italy. The hacking pockets and ticket pocket are cut to an extreme but I like it like that.

It's a casual option to black tie (Tux for the folks in Philadelphia) and you can wear this on the street...even in Philadelphia without fear. This jacket and yesterday's Smoking Jacket pair nicely with grey flannels. An ascot kicks up the Alpha Hotel factor by a country mile but a simple tie brings it back to an acceptable level. Also looks great with a black cashmere turtleneck or just an open collar shirt with jeans. Very flexible.

And when every other guy is standing around in a rented tuxedo or worse - the black suit from The Men's Wearhouse - this velvet dinner jacket will keep you in elegant tall timber. Just keep some tape in your pocket to keep the lint off and pray no one takes a picture.


Kathy said...

Love the look, and especially the purple paisley.

Anonymous said...

" a rented tuxedo or worse"
What pisses me off is when i **have** to be in a wedding party and i **have** to rent the "tux" that is picked out. (usually its because its subsidizing the groom.

I mean, will anyone notice my dinner jacket is different? and if they do, so what?

don't really like the idea of wearing a jacket and pants that 100 other guys have farted, sweated and pissed in .

egadfly said...

"Black tie" instead of "tux"? Really? Just wait till I tell the boys down at the Union League: they still think "formal" means a powder blue After Six with a clip-on.


Helen said...

Oh man, I can 'see' this in one of Agatha Christie's novels. What classics! Velvet jacket, black 'n all. Grey flannels. Paisley print purple tie...You didn't mention cufflinks.


Brian said...

Every year we go into Philly for a few black tie events, and while the velvet jacket does work, you might have to run for cover if you wear an ascot.

L.A.S said...

The ticker pocket detail is killer. While I cant say I view this as everyday streetwear, If I had one of these I would definitely be crashing more black tie events. Who's gonna kick out the best dressed guy in the whole joint?

Anonymous said...

I can attest to the coolness of velvet jackets, I have three of them (red, black and purple) and they are a winter staple in my wardrobe.

I wore one on Saturday to an NBA game and actually got to use the ticket pockets!

Also, LAS, our family friend and my mentor is the greatest party crasher I know, he taught me to always be the best dressed guy when you're crashing an event but play it off with a nonchalant demeanor. I used this method to get into the famous round robin bar at the Willard in DC for a private event when I was 17.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to source a velvet jacket in a classic sack silhouette?

Anonymous said...

Please its just evening wear. New Yawkers and Hawaiians call it a tux. You must have been slumming it with some rowers from La Salle.

Charles said...

I need one of these like I need another hole in my head.

tintin said...

Kathy- The tie has a textured surface making it, I undertand, ancient madder. Hard to find nowadays but well worth the hunt.

Anon - I was best man once and the groom and bride allowed me to wear my own. And I'm pretty sure I farted.

egad- The Philadelphia Union League Club is not so bad. Their Lobster Club got me through my year and a half sentence to the city of brotherly love.

Brian- I would bet you an ascot worn in the Phila Union League would get you an ass whoopin. But if that Lobster Club came with it --it would be worth it.

LAS- Every time I come home I think I'm crashing a party.

David- Three?! You should be doing this.

Death- Don't give Press any ideas. I can just see the Shaggy Dog Black Velvet DG.

Anon- I think most of America calls it a tux... in that vulgar tone of, "You're gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it."

Longwing- I bet you'd own one if Bean made 'em.

Anonymous said...

I most often go HBL (Henri Benard Levy) style when i do velvet tux. Open neck formal shirt, tux pants/or regular black or grey pants.

Bench Mens Jackets said...

I like the jackets style and fabric but not sure about the colour to be honest!

ADG said...

I've got a brown suede one and Longwing DOES need another hole in his head.

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