14 September 2012

FIT Ivy Style Exhibit

Michael Bastian (Fall 2012)

Chipp Madras Jacket (1970)

Locker Room

McGregor Argyle Vest (1956), Macy's Tie (1956-1959)

Tweed Jackets from Richard Press Collection



Tartan Patch Wool Jacket

Dorm Room designed by Richard Press

The Bible

Princeton 25th Reunion Blazer

Ralph Lauren Suede Tassel Loafers (1980)

RL Polo Coat (1980)

The ladies who curate

With nothing to sell but a book, FIT's Patricia Mears along with Richard Press and G. Bruce Boyer created a soulful exhibit of Ivy curio, historical apparel and contemporary attire through the likes of Michael Bastian, Ralph Lauren, Jeffrey Banks and Brooks Brothers.

But it's Chipp, Tripler and Press that caught my eye not to mention the school blazers and evening wear from the early 2oth century. The heart of it extends from its profit free purpose. No one is selling on this floor. Although, I wish I could buy that Chipp Madras jacket.

It's refreshing to see apparel as public art. Going to look just for the sake of looking and learning while not consuming the hype that is the constant 'Ca-ching' of New York Fashion Week. I find it peaceful here.


Charles said...

Very nice. I'd love to see it. Guess I'll get the book.

GSV JR said...

Comp & Contrast.

Cut's fuller. Lapels wider. Colors autumnal or dockside. You don't need highwaters; you just roll the cuffs up.

Crack the book. Go to the game. Drink (too much). Fight (and lose). Fuck (like a horse). Your girlfriend always looks better in your oxford (and nothing else), even when she's holding a raw steak on your shiner.

LPC said...

Notice they don't have my damn Reunion jacket memorialized. That's because they drug us all and hypnotize us against burning it for sheer ugliness. Take a look if you think I'm kidding.


Or here, on Reggie's blog.


I feel the modern reality needs to be shared.

Anonymous said...

I believe the first phot's description should read Michael Bastian (2012). Please feel free not to approve this comment, not relevant to the topic.

The Sluice Box said...

Wonderful alignment of the plaid across the body of the jacket, to pocket flap, and finally the sleeve (final tweed jacket from Richard Press Collection).

tomokra said...

why are those fellas wearing bathrobes over their suits in their dorm room?

Anonymous said...

The trad!

Alice Olive said...

FIT has some wonderful exhibits. Did you see the A to Z exhibits recently? I could have easily walked out with a few 60s LBDs off the mannequins. To be able to see the details, up close and personal, is fantastic.

Makaga said...

It was good seeing you at the event on Friday, Tintin! It was fun chatting with you about Gentry and M magazines.

@Tomkra, the style of that time was to wear a robe over your shirt and tie when hanging out in one's dorm room. I believe it provided warmth, protection against any sort of spilt tobacco or drink, and was likely considered a more comfortable, but still appropriate, jacket-style covering.