10 May 2012

Fuck Yeah Menswear Exposed or What Do I Have to Do to Work For GQ?

Lawrence Schlossman: Skeezy Dude behind, "Fuck Yeah Menswear" (Foto: Briana Heard, Gilt)

Lawrence & the goof troop

'Rence reads an email from Simon & Schuster

They don't know it's me?

They know.

Google it.


Gotta work for it.

Take their lunch money.

Can't know everything.

Who knew?

Brewster the Wooster

is not a Rooster.

Nobody...in Ft Wayne.

Could taste that GQ gig.

Escaped the PR Rigs.

Pitti the fool.

Turning Gilt to Thor.

In a Viking longboat.

In the park.

Behind 1166.

Sucking a Marlboro light.

Ryder rents trucks.

So where the fuck.

Are my double monks.

I want a dude who's ultra hygienic.

Not someone

who cleans his nails

with a dipstick.

I saw a couple gays

at Grammercy for dinner.

Only one ate.

Is that how it works?

Jeesie Steezie.

Puddin and pie.

Kiss da boys.

And start writin'

for Fashion.

But Fashion's jail.

Like Murph the Surf

told the prison guard.


it ain't real but it's close.


Anonymous said...

Everything "fashionable" summed up in one great poem. Nicely done.


Anonymous said...

That sound I just heard was style and dignity breaking window glass as they left the building...

GSV JR said...

ha ha he's got the cum-in-my-hair Tom Brady haircut. Fuck yeah.

Dallas said...

not nearly hip enough to get this.

fashion fight?

Heidi R. said...

So, are you for him? Or against him.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if you are being mean or not to LAS, this post was so convoluted

Oyster Guy said...

If you can't tell if The Trad is being mean to LAS, I think that means The Trad got it pitch perfect hip...I mean perfecto...

randall said...

What? No Barbour x Alden x Vans x McNairy x Apolis x Hillside collab?

By the way, he's wearing Come to Me in his hair, Does it look like Come to you?

Too bad he stopped writing it. That was one of my favorites. That dude nailed it.

Anonymous said...

what's the focus on this oaf all about?