03 November 2011

Dead or Alive: 25 Best Dressed (Full Article)

Esquire Gentlemen S/S 1993, Woody Hochswender - Editor

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Ben said...

These lists are fun, and this one shows a bit of thought on the part of the author.

It's interesting that regular list-makers like Cary Grant are absent. But then again, if I got a dollar for every time I had to see Gianni Agnelli's name and read the anecdotes about watches outside his sleeve and hunting boots with suits, I'd have maybe fifteen, twenty bucks.

Personalities on other lists I've seen that I liked include Steve Martin, rocker Robert Palmer, and music exec Ahmet Ertegun.

Man, I miss 1993.

Anonymous said...

Miles could have worn a trash bag and looked cool. He's Miles for gods sake. Even that gold lamay thing in the pic look fractastic.

David said...

Thanks for putting this up !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, but wouldn't Flusser have done better to make it 24 and lop of the fop at the end?

GSV JR said...

Doesn't Tom Wolfe often wear spatz? I mean, really.

Brummagem Joe said...

There are several I would add to this list (for godsake how could you leave off Grant) and I agree with Anon about #25. He's a twerp but I suppose the author of the list had to keep in with the golden crowd.