02 March 2011

The Morning Plunge

Whole bean. I like the Major from Peet's.

Code busted- 19 (19th week) 11 (2011) or coffee must be removed by May 9, 2011

Burr grind set to espresso

Six tablespoons

Cold filtered water slowly poured

Let sit for four minutes

Plunge. Rest one minute. Pour.

The espresso grind gives the coffee a wine - like texture while the slow drizzle of hot water into the press is the decant. As far from Mr Coffee as you can get. Although, Mr Coffee is great for making Ramen.


Jerome said...

90 days since it was roasted? I certainly hope not. Anything more than 2 weeks and the flavor's already shot to hell. Personally, I prefer the green coffee beans, heat gun, and dog food bowl method. Wish I had that burr grinder here in Bogotá, though...

Alice Olive said...

I need espresso. My boss gave me a Nespresso shortly after moving to Chicago and I am forever grateful (and alert).

JB said...

Great, now you're another pedantic coffee bore.

Zach said...

Coffee,make that strong and smooth coffee, is most definately Trad. I am partial to Drew's Brews from here in Nashville. Each roast is delicious, I highly suggest it. Can't beat it for ten bucks a pound.

Zach said...

Oh, wow, just caught the personalized mug. Nice.

3 Column Grid said...

Interesting french press technique! I usually fill the Bodum half way, wait one minute, then fill to the top and wait three minutes before pressing. I'm going to try it your way, see if it affects the flavour.

If you want to try some incredible beans, check JJ Bean:

I worked there until recently. Fantastic coffee, great company. Definitely try one of the Special Reserves.

T said...

lol. Scathing much, BJ?

Dallas said...

Community Coffee.

8 O'clock Coffee.

French Market with chicory.

Espresso from Havana in Argentina.

Anne Hathaway and liquor below. Great reading this morning, thanks.

David V said...

It's coffee.

If you bought off a shelf higher than your waist you paid too much.

If you spend more time making it than it takes to shave you got too much time on your hands.

French press is nice but its a bi**h to cleanup when your camping.

After all. it's not like we're talking alcohol.

Bill Smith said...

I'm partial to the Green Bean here in Oakville On. for their Viennese Dark Roast for my brew on the go. At home, a french coffee press all the way.

Anonymous said...

Blog Cliche #7445: How I make my coffee.

tintin said...

From Peet's:

Thanks for letting us know about your blog, and your unusual press pot method. I will have to try it. And several of my colleagues are pretty intrigued by your press pot Manhattan – but we’ll have to wait until after hours to try it! I’ll be sure to share the link to your blog with everyone here at Peet’s.

The first number of the code identifies the roasting machine the coffee was roasted on. The next three numbers represent the day of the year on a Julian calendar that the coffee should be pulled. Day 129 is actually May 8. If you subtract 90 from 129, you get 39, so the coffee was roasted on the 39th day (February 8) of the year.

By the way, if you order coffee directly from us, we roast it to order and ship it within 24 hours of roasting. It’s the best way to get the freshest coffee from us! And we package it in 16 oz. bags. The 12 oz. size is the grocery industry standard, so we package it that way especially for grocery stores.

Anonymous said...

Burr IS better than blade. Airborne mug(in NYC?)...priceless.


Baddog75 said...


Thanks, as a Bay area long-time Peet's guy it is always good to see this excellent blend getting exposure. We drink the Major exclusively at home, brewed in a crazy Jetsonesque Italian Odeo machine.


Main Line Sportsman said...

La Colombe is far superior...try it...you'll never look back.
For the mornings when pinched for time or you do not feel like messing with all the equipment...the Kuerig does a damn good job and the selections are endless..I have one at home...one at office and one at hunting camp.

Tim said...

@Anonymous blog cliche #1, posting as anonymous. Ass.

tintin said...

Jerome- No, that's when it's pulled off the shelf.

Alice- Need a new machine. Bought one of those orange machines and it craped out after a year. Looking at the cheapest La Pavoni manual.

BJ- Pedantic? Yes. Bore? Probably. Coffee? Nope, this was my swan song.

Zach- My other coffee cup has big tits on it.

3 Column- Any aged stuff?

T- I bring out the best in people.

Dallas- Used to love 8 o clock but haven't tried it in 20 years.

David V- When I got out of the army I made a promise to myself. Never. Go. Camping.

Bill Smith- Suprised so many here think French Press is a pain. Takes very little time and makes a huge diff in taste.

Anon 16:41- Comment cliche #7445A

DB- I couldn't find my other cup with the big tits.

Gordo- I've tried a lot and Major Dick suits me.

Main Line- I've been to their place on Spitenhouse, I mean, Rittenhouse Sq. It's good but Major Dick suits me to the ground. Not so much the Kuering thing. Seems the coffee is thinner to me and you can't use loose coffee only their stuff. Seems to me there's a conflict of interest when coffee maker controls sale of coffee. A bank couldn't do that.

Tim- Hey, watch the fucking language around here.

3 Column Grid said...

@Tintin - No, I don't believe so. Their whole deal is the freshest beans available for that time of year.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Kuerig does have an addapter you can buy allowing your grind in the cup...
Spitenhouse(shoulda used 2 "t's")....man the hits just keep on comin'.

Anonymous said...

I'm a few blocks from peets #1 on Vine in berkeley....la chaim!

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

Saw a recent coffee taste test on cable TV. Coffee from about $56 down to the $4 cheap stuff. Surprised the hell out of me to find the overall winner was ordinary Maxwell House!
I like Peets, but also like Dunkin Donuts -- if I add vanilla flavoring to it.

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

A cup of coffee - real coffee - Home-browned, home-ground, home-made, that comes to you dark as a hazel-eye, but changes to a golden bronze as you temper it with cream that never cheated, but was real cream from its birth, thick, tenderly yellow, perfectly sweet, neither lumpy nor frothing on the Java: such a coffee is a match for twenty blue devils, and will exorcise them all.
- - - Henry Ward Beecher "Eyes and Ears"

H said...

I like you. My BF has that parachute tattoo on his leg. Not a tattoo guy but he's extremely proud of it.