20 January 2008

The Duffle Coat

From Gentry Magazine's Winter issue of 1951. A good example of how Trad borrowed from the Brits, made it their own and started screwing up a good thing. Today cheap horn toggles replace the wood toggle and leather strips replace the hemp. The original patch pocket gets a flap and it's usually lined in some ersatz tartan. Some designers have the chutzpah to throw a $1,200 price tag on it.


Alice Olive said...

Great post! You're right, in your photo the duffle looks very dapper. Today it just reminds me of badly-made school uniforms. Not good. I need to remember how it was in its original form!!

WDL said...

i have that jacket! though I bought it at marshall fields a small while ago, and only dropped "half" of the price you mentioned...but its delicious.

i really love this post!


tintin said...

I found a blue one with hemp rope and wood toggles but the pockets have flaps. It was made by that anti-christ, Ralph Lauren. I bought it for 10% of my mentioned price at a Macys somewhere in Delaware.

Shame about Fields on State.