10 September 2012

"Whatever else I do before finally I go to my grave...
I hope it will not be looking after young people."

John Thorn, Headmaster, Winchester College

E.L.S. returns after 22 months of... Well, I don't know. It's none of my business and certainly none of yours. What is your business is a beautifully written blog from an American lady living in the U.K. for donkey years. I'm not what you'd call a fan of Mommy bloggers because most children under 30 years of age annoy me. They always have which is why I annoy myself but then-- that's none of your business either.

I love how E.L.S. tells a story. I notice she rarely uses, "whilst." which is amazing since so many state side bloggers feel it's required. I guess that's the beauty of her writing. It's informed, correct, erudite, funny and completely lacking in pretension. Go here to check her out -- whilst she's still around less she tries to oil off again.


ELS said...

Darling Tintin, whilst I am flattered beyond words by the things you have said - and believe me, I have such admiration for your writing that I have spent the day grinning and blushing like a simpleton, I must point out I am British. I hope you'll still respect me in the morning.

tintin said...

I always thought you were a septic. Probably 'cause your write like one. Which is a good thing. I'm making you breakfast as I type.