07 September 2012

Mercer Shirt Giveaway

The secret Good Bye

Windsor White 140's: $155

White Oxford Straight Collar: $107.50

Blue University Stripe: $115

Red Bengal Stripe in broadcloth: $115

Blue & White Stripe #598: $115

Gold & White stripe #241 in Broadcloth: $115

Blue Black Tattersall #988 in Broadcloth: $115

James Bond 4mm Broadcloth Tattersall: $115

Highland Pima Cotton Broadcloth: $117.50

Congratulations to dukeandduke29 for winning the Mercer Shirt Giveaway. duke identified the hidden message, "good bye" in David Letterman's argyle sweater. Good eye. This was the last issue of M (11/1992) and my subscription was replaced by GQ until expiration in August.

Above are some of my favorite Mercer shirts from the Mercer web site. While the shirt isn't custom, you can customize your shirt with plenty of options here. That includes a trimmer cut, pocket options, button options...In short, you, as the customer, get to design your own shirt at a fair price.

Mercer shirts are not cheap but they are a great value. They stay true to their size after numerous washings. The oxford is the beefiest I've found. The unlined button down collar has the best roll out there and you'll have a wonderful time dealing with the company and David. Which reminds me of another contest.


Neil said...

I have the Highland Pima as well as the dried blood gingham (featured in another post). Awesome shirts, all. Your posts cost me more money than my girlfriend does. Not good for a lowely 1st Lt.

dukeandduke29 said...

Thanks for the opportunity to try out a classic shirt-maker-- now I'll dig out my old copies of M magazine.

Anonymous said...

Damn those brothers Randall and Mortimer Duke! First they rig the orange juice futures market and now they win the free Mercer shirt!

Anonymous said...

Any comments on fit? How baggy is their "Baggier & Better" cut?

Similar to typical BB fit?
Custom Tailoring slims it down to Slim Fit territory maybe?
Certainly not equal to BB Extra Slim Fit?


tintin said...

//rew- Yes, baggier and better is similar to BB except the tail is longer. Not sure what the trimmer cut is since I've never owned a trim cut shirt. Not at my present fat ass self and not when I was a 29" waist in 1986. Only a matter of a few years before I'm in a wheel chair and will only need half a shirt.

ryanerik said...

Hah, OK, thanks for that.
Well, let's hope they start making sometime of "chair cozy" as well. :)