22 September 2012

"Someone Make a Time Machine Already" 1961 Fall Weekend In New York

Friday Night with a Debutante: "Skim the roofs in a helicopter and a suede-cloth suit"

Friday Night with a Poetess: "She's in the clouds anyway, so take her for a walk in an all-weather coat"

Saturday Before Dark: "A pull-over for a ferry ride --"

"A suit of tweed takes you to a twilight concert"

Saturday Night: "For an elegant evening (and Barbara Bel Geddes backstage), a vested blue serge --"

"For a casual one, a sweater, but dressier"

Sunday- The Week End's End: A Donegal tweed jacket..."

...or a wool sport coat will see the day out." The Peacock Caffe'

Esquire Magazine, September, 1961  (click on image to enlarge)

Nicely written & shot without credit to writer or photographer.  A contrast to today's fashion spreads of actors and rappers with half naked women, extruded  by LA,  holding their crotch or flipping the bird while credits go to every strap hanger and coke-pourer in the room.

The old Esquire was a big mamma-jamma.  It's hard to describe what reading one was like when I was 10 years old.  Not only because I didn't understand a whole helluva lot of it  -- It was almost taller than I was.  But like reading Shakespeare, you don't always need to understand every word to get the gist of what's happening in the play.

It's good to be a man.


Anonymous said...

"Someone Make a Time Machine Already" 1961 Fall Weekend In New York

Geez, no kidding.

The old Esquire was a big mamma-jamma...It was almost taller than I was.



Anonymous said...

When does the M book come out?

tintin said...

Anon- I didn't think anyone in Durham, NC would care. But to answer your question, soon.

Anonymous said...

That photo in the cafe was taken at the "Peacock Cafe" on Greenwich Ave. in the Village. I remember how proud the owner was of that picture. She kept it near the cash register. Nice to see it again.