17 September 2012

Black Fleece: A Step Back

What would happen if you stopped by Chipp in '77 and were on Psilocybin mushrooms

No. 1, Canvas goods perfect for a green beret on leave in Cologne, Panama

No. 2, Pique cotton dinner jacket for L.A. public relayo

No. 3, Foreign Service Officer and grad of Bryn Mawr who thinks you went to Haverford

No. 4, Honeymoon with FSO in British Virgin Islands.

No. 5, Insurance broker at captive seminar in Hamilton, Bermuda

No. 6, On the terrace with R.O.P. at Renato's in Palm Beach

No. 8, Steve Martin & Dan Aykroyd visit the Cork & Clever restaurant in Ft Wayne

No. 10, The coolest dress ever...

...goes with this seersucker. Wear to a friend's wedding -- or, your own.


Alice Olive said...

Dress no. 10 somehow intrigues me. Was it silk?

tintin said...

I'm pretty sure it was silk. It suits you.

ElvisNixon.com said...

CRYING with laughter!

The Akroyd Martin reference- Comic Gold