14 September 2012

Bastian's Buoys

In fleeing the Preppy scene, the M.O. of most designers nowadays, King of Lacrosse, Michael Bastian, has thrown his driving glove down and drawn a line in the hot sand of Spring / Summer 2013 with his insistence he was never Ralph Lauren - Preppy but more... Calvin Klein.

I seemed to get more of a, 'Fire Island High School, Class of '77,' vibe...not that there's anything wrong with that. I see the attraction young men who missed those years might have to the late '70s look. Many are calling it 'louche.' I think of it as 'unemployed.'

As a runway show, on a Sunday at noon, it seemed like a single malt and a cigar at nine in the morning. I guess that's my problem. Wrong time, bad place and what the hell's the occasion? As a straight man who's been getting solicitations from AARP -- this collection is probably far to the port of my wheelhouse and, I'll admit, waist size.

There was a lot of excess belt hanging off the waist and looking a tad flacid. Meanwhile, all collars stood at 'popped' attention. Okay, I get that it's a show and that it was never meant for someone like me. I understand that. But I don't think any of Bastian's shows were ever for someone like me.

There was charm, humor and entertainment that I really enjoyed in those old shows. The clothing might not suit me but that didn't mean I couldn't appreciate it. I try to keep in mind that clothes are only as impressive as the wearer...not that an unemployed high school kid on Fire Island isn't impressive.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go to the gym to see if you can fit in his clothes? Not sure what are you talking about bro, his clothes are amazing, lucky you got to go to his show. I wish I was there instead. I would have appreciated it more.

tintin said...

Anon- Didn't know I could try on his clothes in the gym. Maybe you meant the locker room, sonny.

GSV JR said...

Does coke drift out of the ceiling like snow at these shows? I can only imagine someone wearing this stuff if they are high as monkeys, a hustler, or trying to appeal to women who want to "break" the "gays."

Patsy said...

Love the shots of the attendees.

tintin said...

"Miss Rudolph, could you tell the monkey to take his dick out of my ear.

The monkey live here, you just visiting." R Pryor

M.Lane said...

The only thing I liked from this set of photos was the gray sweater in the crowd.


William Bezek said...

I think you are spot on with "Buoys", put boring crap on a beautiful body and you may stay afloat!

Alice Olive said...

Love your summary!

It is indeed the wearer who brings clothing to life, or who kills it. (The latter for me in this case.) But that goes for almost anything that comes down a runway, doesn't it?

ELS said...

Third picture down, is that on the catwalk? Is that fashion? Where are his trousers? The high school kid furtively flicking through old Playboys when the doorbell rings unexpectedly early Saturday morning.

Still, fashion. Undercrackers, flip-flops and a 70s T-shirt.

I feel unaccountably old.

Rome Reality said...

My husband is tall and thin, receives the unfortunate AARP junk mail and wears Bastian proudly. The women at his work compliment him generously when he wears Bastian. We were thankful to find a colorful, stylish brand that fit him well. There are very wearable pieces in between the editorial pieces and he's been wearing many items for years. I'm sorry this brand isn't for you, but there are many brands available to you that won't work for my husbands frame. And aren't you lucky to be able to attend fashion shows, critique brands and write about your experiences for us all to enjoy? You live a charmed life.

tintin said...

M Lane- Gray sweater? What gray sweater?

Mr Bezek- Coming up on your time of year...

Alice- Correct. And when your speed reaches 70 knots it's time to rotate. Sorry, wrong runway.

I see it everyday. People on the street who can pull off what I can't. And it's never about a brand name someone's wearing but rather how a person puts themselves together. Not too much and not too little.

Clothing is like a language and no one speaks them all. But when see someone's style and it connects to me-- Then I understand. I've always enjoyed Bastian's humor in past shows even though I wasn't his ideal customer. But I needed a translator for this show.

ELS- That tshirt is fashion now. 2 yrs from now that t shirt will be history and delegated to the back of a closet since it's so 'two years ago.' Change for the sake of change is fashion's biggest problem. At least with Black Fleece there's an effort to create something not only different but intelligent and with an aesthetic that I would consider close to art. Bastian has done the same in the past but no this time.

Rome Reality-
I am grateful for the invitations to Bastian's shows. Rather than using the language metaphor...how about Bastian as film director?

Working with a team of people he creates a film. A moving series of images with a point to communicate. We all have preferences in film directors but even the best directors are not perfect.

I've enjoyed Bastian's films in the past although I've been critical of stenciled duffel bags and $850 camo trousers. Overall, I liked his films.

I don't get this movie that's S/S 2013. If you and your husband do then that's wonderful. I may never be invited to a Bastian show again because I didn't like this movie. That's okay. If you'd like, I can ask them to send an invite to you and your husband and I'll pay you to write a review. Not much but it's more than I get.

Rome Reality said...

Thank you, but no need... This film may not have been a prize winner for you, but there will always be a new film, coming soon, to a box office near you.