14 March 2012


So I was in Boston. I just ended up there. Seemed far enough away. They come to me then, it just happened, you know how that is, things happen and other things happen and its your life.

They were looking to get somebody to go undercover here, they wanted to get somebody who knew the kitchen, who was known. I could'a said no but I thought I could do it. It was like this opportunity in which I could look the entire thing in the eye. You'd be gone, or married, forgotten about me I thought. And Jack, I would leave him out of it.

But it was only an idea. Nothing to do with the truth. It was just a fuckin' idea like... You believe in the angels or the saints or there's such a thing as a state of grace. And you believe it, but it's got nothing to do with reality. It just an idea.

I mean you got your ideas and you got reality, and they're all... they're all fucked up.


M.Lane said...

Great text. I hate to see the murder of a good bar though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle is a good one as well. A Peter Yates film. Great shots of old Boston, Robert Mitchum as a washed up crook... Just a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

I like the video documentary on why not to wear a white shirt to a shoot-out.

Cathleen said...

Haven't watched one of your suggestions since "Barry Lyndon." Will check this out soon. If this is a "Man's" Irish movie, then I suggest that "Ryan's Daughter" is the Woman's Irish movie.