12 March 2012

"Bringing War Home"

"Red Stripe Kitchen," from "Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful," by Martha Rosler, The New Yorker, August 7, 2000

This collage, done as part of a series during the Vietnam War, always defined my conflict with being a soldier. I understood that as an infantryman I had a job to do. I also understood I would have no say in wars fought, countries invaded or operations to stabilize. Regardless of my opinion.

Americans ask a lot of their military when it comes to sacrifice. In return, the military is quick to demand sacrifice from their families. Pride and honor swirl around phrases like"Suck it Up," and crying ain't allowed. There's gonna be a lot of people telling us we have to "Drive On." I'm not one of them. But that's my opinion.


Tad Allagash said...

Tintin are you familiar with the Vietnam-era painting "F-111"? It's part of the MoMa's collection and is rarely on view (due to its size) but is on view now. Think you would find it interesting.


tintin said...

Tad - thanks. I'll check it out.