22 March 2012

A $1.8 Billion Dollar T-Shirt

Johnson & Higgins Partners, 1995 (the diversity is in their ties)

15 years ago this month, the 152 year history of privately held insurance broker, Johnson & Higgins came to an end when the partners--

My T-Shirt after 15 yrs -- holding up better than the merger

--received $1.8 billion dollars for the company I worked for, and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how a good suit can hide a tail and snout.

One Last Year said...

I've always wondered what a 1.8 billion dollar T-shirt would look like. Looks comfortable.

Jeff P. said...

$1,800,000,000/30 partners = $60M per partner!

r. rafael said...

From Groton to Princeton to 95 Wall St. to 125 Broad St. to 35 million payout. Nice trajectory.

tintin said...

r. rafael - its a pure 'Merican success story.

Oyster Guy said...

The promotional detritus of corporate life has an interesting character about it if there is some scandal or notoriety attached to it. It always surprises me that designers don't appropriate it more

The last time I was in NYC, I was coming out of Grand Central Station to rainy skies and a woman near me unfurled an umbrella with Lehman Brothers logos. It attracted attention. My Goldman Sachs travel mug is always good for a laugh but my real prize is a G-S messenger bag from a leveraged finance conference (!) in Las Vegas (!) with some embroidered artwork (chips, cards , dice) that would no longer pass any compliance dept. However, this is one instance where I am proud to have this stuff only as a hipsterish pose, and not having actually earned (?) it.