05 March 2012

Fratelli Alti

Antonio and Adam Ciongoli at Gant by Michael Bastian

I've had many friends of Italian descent over the years. I suspect it's because I like their humor and love of life. If I were really being honest with myself -- I'd add that they're rarely taller than I am.

Living in what Paul Williams called, "a world of belt buckles and boobs," it's hard hanging out with tall guys without suffering from a re-occurrence of a cervical sprain-strain from my motorcycle accident in '84.

Antonio and Adam Ciongoli are the tallest damned Italians I've ever met. I needed a foot stool to get a decent picture and was only successful by raising my camera over my head like paparazzi shooting over a crowd.

Antonio is a designer working for Michael Bastian and according to an insightful Q&A on his blog, big brother Adam is a problem fixer. Adam's take on music and clothes follows a tradition of, La Famiglia...if I used that right and seriously doubt I did.

Check it out at Antonio's blog, 13th & Wolf. They're unique questions I look forward to stealing.


Anonymous said...

If I had hair that good, I think I'd go a little eccentric with the accessorizing, like your friends in the photos. But men of a certain age...not so sure.


Trailer Trad said...

Real style, real people. I get that.

cc said...

mr t just a heads up it looks like there's a problem with the labels for this post.

tintin said...

cc- Thanks for pointing out and problem fixed.