23 March 2012

The Good Men Project

With special thanks to good friend and author, Michael Rowe who confirms a long running suspicion that Canadian people are the very best export save Labatt Blue. Rowe brought me to The Good Men Project -- A place where men write about cheap beer, jobs, fear and love. Although, I haven't seen any hog killing stories yet, it's a place that suits me.


JKG said...

I've read around there a bit. In my opinion, it often gets a bit navel-gazey and overly self-reflective. And sometimes the commentary gets taken over by post-feminist bomb-throwing (though very polite bomb-throwing).

But then you keep a blog about your clothes and personal history.

And I read it.

So there's that.

Oyster Guy said...

The thinking man's Maxim perhaps? Do they pay more than a half cent per word? Do they question unusual usage of the letter u?

Michael Rowe said...

It's a magazine about men's lives, often autobiographical. The "self-reflective" aspect might be sort of a given in autobiography, don't you think?

Alice Olive said...

Again, may I say, cool.
(But I still can't get into the hog-killing.)

Bill Smith said...

As a Canadian, I approve this blog post:).