01 March 2012

Family Slides

St Augustine, FL 1976

Ft Carson, CO 1973

Hampton, VA 1972

Montreal, Canada 1970 - All photos by FM Tinseth


Jeff P. said...

Is that a Brit Para smock? Very cool.

tintin said...

Jeff- French Foreign Legion. Dad picked it up when he was in Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Tintin and his dad: shooting art back in the day before practically anyone had the sense to see it in a photo, let alone use a 35mm SLR. You were "Blow Up," baby, before the next generation discovered it. Seems like the whole country was caught up in the silly notion that 110 Instamatics could actually take a good shot. Now we have an app for that. Go figure.


GSV JR said...

Really love the first shot. I want to be that kid.

tintin said...

That's my Mom