01 December 2011

Everything Isn't Wonderful...

What I don't believe about myself is what others have told me. Consequently, I don't believe in what I have in me. If I can overcome this -- I can move to a new place and start taking actions for my own benefit. It's a journey where we all try to find ourselves. If we don't... then how do we know what we're doing or why we're doing it? I just wish I could remember what to do.


Baron said...

Okay, so you won't believe me, but that chart appears to be darn thorough.

K. A. Adams said...

Well, some people are completely thorough yet they never ship.

I'd rather err by shipping something than waiting until some imaginary and absolutely perfect result is achieved.

GSV JR said...

Is this for real? What is The Trad if not supreme attention to detail to many of life's facets? Isn't that what through means, essentially?

Anonymous said...

Take that thing, ball it up and burn it! Do the Myers Briggs test online or the Jung Typology Test to find where you really are...or not. ( I always feel a little out of line telling my friends what to do!)





Oyster Guy said...

No idea what this is about but it looks like the profile I would expect of any very high level executive: more strategic, less tactical.

longwing said...

Buck up, old man. Six out of seven ain't bad.

David V said...

Why change? Let people adapt to you.

Anonymous said...

Tin Tin,
Take heart:
“The maxim "Nothing but perfection" may be spelled "Paralysis”
Winston Churchill
De Oppresso Liber

Anonymous said...

"( I always feel a little out of line telling my friends what to do!)"

Wheeee! Much easier to do in writing.

"Do the Myers Briggs test online or the Jung Typology Test to find where you really are...or not."



The View from The Back said...

I'm fairly confident you can HIRE someone to follow up with the minutia that would fall in the path of your brillance. Carry on!

tintin said...

Baron- Sales organizations love to piss away money on these things. It makes their jobs easy and secure. "How'd I know he couldn't sell. He did very well on the sales profile."

KA Adams- I hear ya. I'd rather screw up and make it right.

GSV- The report mentioned, "...he may not devote appropriate attention to the administrative aspects of the sales job." I think they nailed it.

DB- We were best friends when we were 17. You can tell me anything.

Oyster Guy- Hmm, I'm not so sure. It's usually accountants who run sales organizations and they're pretty darned thorough.

Longwing - Six outta seven? Is that the number of blogs you've started and folded in the last two years? Everybody go over to Longwing's new blog. It's his best so far:


David V - How old are you? Really. I'm not being a smart ass but that strategy in sales, though noble and good sounding, will make you a very poor man.

De Oppresso Liber- He also said, "The definition of a Greek is a Turk trying to be an Italian." I've always said that Philadelphia is Naples trying to be Berlin.

Flo- He's told me face to face many times.

View from the back- 20 yrs ago I'd agree with you. Every salesman had one, if not two people following 'em around with a circus shovel. Those days, along with the steno pad, short hand, Lotus notes and most likely this blog, are long over.

David V said...
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tintin said...

David V - Purchasing?! That explains everything.

David V said...

Much older than you and retired. I was the guy the salesman called on.

tintin said...

David V-
If I worked in purchasing, I'd let sales people adapt to me as well.

The most successful sales people I ever knew were able to get along with a very diverse group of people. And they were genuine. People like that are hard to find nowadays and they rarely come from the buyers side.

Anonymous said...

I am a powerful jedi knight

Brohammas said...

I at one time was shopping myself and step two in the hiring process was this test, or a similar one. I scored off the charts across the board. they had me retake it. same result. I progressed through the process, and after being passed through the whole team I had one last interview with the CEO.
My review after the interview said simply, "He is by far the most interesting person I have ever interviewed".
I did not get the job. Best choice they ever made (for me).

Jeff P. said...

A sure sign of genius (I'm being serious).

Now - where did I put that Claymore clicker and that minefield placement diagram from the Engineer Platoon Leader...? Whatever.

tintin said...

Jeff P- "This Side Towards Enemy" The army was made for a guy like me. Or is it the other way around?

Tim said...

I'm glad there's others out there like me.

The administrative aspect of my job makes me want to throw myself of the GWB.

longwing said...

Thanks for the plug, mate. I need it. With each iteration readers are harder to come by.

stephanie / those tricks said...

"You can do it!"

tintin said...

Tim- You know you're in trouble when a new employer gives you a list of pictures you're 'allowed' to hang on your office wall.

longwing- I would have assumed the other way around.

Stephanie - You should start a blog and name it, "Caddywhompus & Kinky."