13 December 2011

Do the Windows

Across from Chelsea Hotel on 23rd Street

Scully & Scully on Park Ave

Somewhere on Park Ave

Scully & Scully on Park Ave

J Press on Madison Ave

Somewhere on Lexington Ave

Somewhere off Park Ave near 59th St

Somewhere on Park Ave

Scully & Scully on Park Ave

J Press on Madison

P.J. Clarke's on 3rd at 55th

J Press on Madison Ave

On 5th...Whatever it is, it's not there anymore

Jay Kos on Park Ave (moved to Mott & Houston)

No idea

Somewhere on 5th Avenue near 54th St

6th Avenue near 45th St

Bergdorf Goodman

Somewhere in the Garment District

Four Seasons Restaurant on 52nd near Park Ave

Club Monaco on 57th St

Bauman Rare Books on Madison Ave near 54th St

H. Herzfeld on 57th St near Park Ave

Somewhere in the Garment District

Somewhere in the West Village

Brooks Brothers on 44th St near Madison

Le Veau d'Or on 59th near Lexington

Phillips Auctions on Park Ave at 57th St

Tad's Steaks on Broadway near 45th St

Kaufman's Army Navy on 42nd near 8th Ave

International Center of Photography, 6th Ave near 43rd St

St John on 5th Avenue at 53rd St

Aquarium Store way the hell over on the west side in the 30s

Petit Bateau on Madison at 82nd St

Myers of Keswick on Hudson near Jane St

Somewhere in the 90s a block west of Central Park

H. Herzfeld on 57th near Park Ave

Staten Island Ferry in Staten Island


Sir Fopling Flutter said...

What time did you take the PJ Clarke's photo? Don't think I've ever seen the place shuttered like that.

tintin said...

Sir Fopling, Very early Sunday morning. Good catch.

Ben said...

I took the train down to NYC my freshman year to see my pop, on his way to Spain, the only pleasure trip he ever took solo without my mom. We shared a bed at the Roosevelt, I think. He took me to Tad's, telling me that he always had a steak there on layover when he was still flying in the '60s. I was in the City for maybe 18 hours.

It's teensy tiny things like that about him that I will take to my grave.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I'll take the boxing dogs and the paisley shawl collar rig...no, don't bother wrapping them...I'll wear one and play with the other in the cab back to Murray Hill.

M.Lane said...

Love the shot of LVD. I'm pretty sure I saw that robe also and I agree with MLS.

Great bunch of shots.


Anonymous said...

I like some of those shots. You've been shooting windows for a while. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're probably the only New Yorker not so jaded that you'd refuse to aim a camera at your city's shop offerings. When you do things like that, eventually you get something "on film" that everyone asks, "How did you ever get that shot?" But it's really quite simple. Ninety percent of it is being there with a camera. The other ten percent is staying awake.

The National Geographic chief photo editor once said that a good photographer should be able to walk down any street in the world and make some good photographs. That advice seems a little dated in an age of ubiquitous cell phone cameras, but it's still true, because volume is never a guarantee of quality.

The inside of that 1977 J. Press catalog: I wonder, cool or scary?


tintin said...

Ben- That's a great story. Not sure if Tads is what it used to be but the facade is a trip back to Times Square hurkey-gurkey kitsch of 1962. I love it.

MLS- You better let me know if you're in the city before the 22nd or after the 3rd.

M Lane- The robe was in the window at Herzfeld. I need to caption the pics but can't remember where some of these places are.

DB- Thanks. I'm pretty sure a dog with a Canon 5D can shoot a car commercial today. There's a few of us who remember stopping down to get depth of field. Pushing Ektachrome to get an 18th century effect or drinking beer while rocking a Dektol tray back and forth. I think I beat you to developing slide film.

But I think the kids today are damn good shooters with some real standouts among the point and shooters. They have a unique way of seeing. People like you, Alice Olive and Foster Huntington bring an intelligence to images not to mention perfect space. Never too much or too little. I could never do that. Also, I'm in no hurry to use, much less mix, fixer ever again.

Makaga said...

Do you recall which window the boxing dogs were in? I need to go see them. Badly.

tintin said...

Makaga- Scully & Scully but it was probably 4 yrs ago.

Patsy said...

This is a wonderful collection - love the order you listed (?) posted (?) them - the way the colors jump out.

tintin said...

Patsy- Thanks. It took a while. I'm embarrassed to admit how long.

Alice Olive said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff. I used to "do" store windows during and just after college, so I love photos like this.