14 December 2010

Turning Down The DB Blazer

M Magazine - April 1986 (click on image to read text)

Cashmere blazer and turtleneck

Turning the DB down with corduroy

A reader asked,

"On this note of tieless dressing - help me out. What the hell do I do with a blue blazer, double breasted one, brass buttons etc..I love it on the hanger, but everytime I put it on I seem...overdressed, too sea captain?? Any thoughts? Casual with jeans? - the great zamboni"

There is the natural aversion to a DB blazer with a turtleneck. Especially a white one. Bad memories are triggered of my days working for the Boss, having my ass chewed and being forced to eat cinnamon toast somewhere in Tampa.

But as 'M' Magazine so elegantly presents above, it can be done with understated taste. After all, I don't care how much money George had. He was from Cleveland. Anyway, 'M' answers the Zamboni question better than I ever could and with much fewer words.

The cords are a great touch and everything here is about texture rather than color. The ribbed turtleneck. The ribbed trouser. The ribbed thing in his wallet. All contrasting against the smooth surface of the blazer. Casual but not sea captain. Or, baseball team owner.


Alice Olive said...

Don't hate me but I see a dapper young Ernest Hemingway here. Freshly shaved, immaculately groomed and lightly scented (nothing remotely like the sea)...

Anonymous said...

The warm-tone cords look great with the jacket. But just about any tall, lean, shaven young male model in a DB blazer with white turtleneck will not invoke memories of Rex Harrison in The Ghost And Mrs. Muir.

What's wrong with cinnamon toast?


Brummagem Joe said...

Like you Tintin I'm a fan of the blazer particularly the DB which can be adjusted from the ultra casual to the super smart. This versatility is why it's survived and probably accounts for the fact that they are worn much more frequently here than in the UK where they originated. If you're in cord country it looks great with red ones, or chinos, jeans and flannels of course. RL has recently launched a house mag with a pic of Ralphie on the cover (natch) wearing a db with grey turtle neck, flannels and suedes and he looks great...and there isn't sailboat in sight.

LPC said...

The whole double-breasted question makes me glad I'm not male.

Anonymous said...

Though this one looks like the dreaded 1980s 3:1 button configuration.


Anonymous said...

This is a sharp look. No matter what the textures are, as long as you wear it with confidence it will be your own: captain, insurance investigator, or otherwise.


Silk Regimental said...

This looks fantastic -- I love my DB blazer, just never thought to wear it with bone cords - the turtle neck makes it right. Understated elegance is right!

Jordan said...

Aside from the real honor to be adressed in your blog, (typing now with jaw still on floor)I think you nailed it- as always its those details, the beefy woolyness of the collar (a skimpy cotton one wouldn't do it) the flat buttons...no anchors needed.
what can I say- a thrill you took it up...thanks... I hope my blog sometime in the future gives something back to you. (greatzamboni.wordpress)

tintin said...

Great Zamboni- But what is the meaning of life?

And did you know my buddy Sergi Tkzyeecken? He went thru Estonian Para School in '79. Party maniac and pretty good with an SKS.


Trailer Trad said...

Hey, that looks cool! -M Magazine. I should have known.

Men's Vogue was pretty decent but it went under (go figure), so now I get Details because the publisher considered it a good sub. -I'm having trouble looking the mailman in the eye these days.