21 December 2010

A Femme d'un Certain Age: How To Give & How Not To Give

Tish Jett of the ultra-sophisticated, A Femme d'un Certain Age, asked me to contribute a post on holiday giving. I am flattered to have been asked. Tish has a wonderful blog chock full of Parisian style, photos and refreshingly "vin sur vin" content where LL Bean and Vera Bradley are MIA. I'm crazy about her and her blog. I think you will be too. Unless you like Vera Bradley...in which case you need to check out two guys named Pierre and don't forget Johnny Hallyday... Merde, he rocks.


James said...

Enjoyed your post and second your comments about Tish, she's one classy dame.

Alice Olive said...

Thank you for broadening my brogosphere.

Your post on how to give defines intimacy for me. (Certainly the intimacy I prefer.)

Tish Jett said...

Thank you, thank you for your contribution chez moi and the blush-worthy intro here (merci, James).

You're vin sur vin was lol hilarious.

I think you've perfected melancholy, along with all your other talents.

You like crazy Johnny? (So do I. Usually.)

Best regards,

tintin said...

James- Yeah, I usually don't run in this kinda company. I hope she doesn't find out.

Alice- Thank you. Intimacy is much like photography for me -- every once in a while the planets line up and I get a good one.

Tish- Thank you. I think this was about the only thing Johnny ever did that I like. I love Vin Sur Vin as an expression and as a restaurant.

Alice Olive said...

Just read your comment about the new lingerie line! Needed a laugh - taa.

Brummagem Joe said...

Tintin: this was quite an interesting little find that I'd never heard of and I've added her to my faves. I see she classifies you as a gift which you are (despite our occasional arm wrestles) and this is why I regularly check you out.

Jordan said...

is that french Elvis guy still alive? he's older than hills.

tintin said...

Alice- You get a royalty.

Joe- We'll see if she returns me. As always, I think you add much to the debate around here. Frankly, I'd rather argue than have agreement.

Jordan - Understand he is. I hear from a good source in Paris he's as dumb as a rock.

Holly Goes Lightly said...

quel dommage