31 December 2010

50 New Years Ago

January (after Ogden Nash)

If you think I'm cute
In my birthday suit,
Don't chide my indiscretion.
I feel my best
When I manifest
My compulsive tendencies toward psychosexual infantile regression.

Esquire Magazine - December 1961


Anonymous said...

going to have a little pity party for yourself tonight sweetbread?

Anonymous said...

How wrong is it to find this picture attractive?
Forget I said anything.


Great Christ. Never will think of Shirley the same again. Dunno whether to thank or spank (you). Here's mud in yr eye, bud.


Only three comments on this?! Does your readership have a pulse? This is almost as good as the photo of Hanoi Jane dolled up like Annie Oakley.

tintin said...

Anon- Actually I went to a Pipik Party. On Staten Island. Somebody there told me you ate shit sandwiches but I stood up for you and told 'em it wasn't true...You don't like bread.

Zamboni- This came from a 12 month calendar in the magazine. All of Shirley. November is my favorite.

Stew- Thank me.

Anonymous said...

oh sweetheart, don't hit me with those negative waves so early in the year.

Anonymous said...

Awe come on cupcakes, I was just kidding.