13 December 2010

Terrain At Styers: Trees, Brie & History

Purchased by Urban outfitters. Perhaps Terrain at Styer's should be called Suburban Outfitters

A Golf Foxtrot tradition

An $88 tree fetches $200 in NYC

Greenhouse cafe happily hoovers tree savings

Smores are provided gratis

Unique gift ideas

A mattress

Formal it ain't - but distressed works here

Field notebooks are everywhere which begs the question: Which came first? The notebooks or A Continuous Lean?

Lots of Pendleton blankets

And tree decorations

Bravo for BYOB but pulled pork bbq and duck confit were bland

Hostess station

Menu is seasonal

Philadelphians will whine about the prices - - New Yorkers will think it a steal

Go when the 'ladies who lunch' have vacated - the sound level will drop like a flag stone terrace. Located at 914 Baltimore Pike at the intersection of Route 322 in Glen Mills, PA. Or, where God left his shoes.


Alice Olive said...

Love that shot of all those logs. (Not surprising, I guess.)

Main Line Sportsman said...

Sheesh...another gratuitous crack at us Philly boys....

brohammas said...

Hudson blanket yours or theirs?

Written from where God went after he took his shoes off.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you can see through the smoke and mirrors Tin. True that Urban creates jobs here in Phila but they also create a lot of junk. I checked out the new Jpress line and cannot help but equate it to this place: it looks good from far away but up close it's betrayed by a lack of quality.


M.Lane said...

I see nothing wrong with it. BYOB, BBQ, Duck confit [bland or not], ladies, putabout items, trees...looks like a blast to me.

And, I must have what appears to me in your photo to be a Moose Under Glass. I must.


La Maison Fou said...

I have seen this one before looks interesting and should be a sight seen?
Lots of fluff these days, the true test is to see thru the feathers and find something true to feather ones nest with!

Have to stop in next time...


David M. said...

so sick of field notes

Sartre said...

Been there. Too Bobos-in-Paradise for me. Twee and overly staged. Then again I'm just an unsophisticated Philadelphian, never been to the BIG CITY before, etc. etc.

Brummagem Joe said...

Yeah my better half has a taste for the christmas decoration emporiums and we've been to this one a couple of times when we lived down in Baltimore. Amazing collection of kitsch. However we got our tree from Wal-Mart. Nine feet high $25! How do they do it?


I'm enjoying this war against Philly.

As for confit, anything confit should taste like what it is but 1,000xs intensified. Duck should taste like, well, super duck. And pulled pork should be sour and savory from vinegar and fat. Period. But that's what happens when you don't eat confit in France or New York or pulled pork in North Carolina or Georgia.