11 August 2010

True North In Florida

"If you're coming from the beach - we're on the right. If you're going to the beach - we're on the left."

"So, you're on the north side of the street."

"I wouldn't know about that, sir. But if you're coming from the beach..."


Alice Olive said...

Ha. Who's on first?

M.Lane said...


Main Line Sportsman said...

Not unlike the old Vermont joke...ask for directions and the reply is: " Ya can't get theya from heya"

brohammas said...

Hey honeym where is South Philly from here?

-Mrs. Brohammas

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. In so many ways.

Perhaps it's also simply, true north Florida?


Anonymous said...

There's another classic Northeast Florida geographic reference. When asked if they're east or west of the Intracoastal, the response starts with "Well, that depends" and continues with "If you're coming from the beach, we're before you get to the bridge. If you're coming from town, we're after the bridge." Any request for more detailed directions from your point of origin is invariably met with, "Oh, I don't come from there. Hold on, you'll need to talk to Bobby. He lives out that way." Of course, Bobby's usually "on break" about that time.

tintin said...

Alice- You have no idea. I'd love to see you asking for directions in Jacksonville.

M Lane- My love of your state knows no bounds.

Main Line- At least there's some wit there.

Mrs Borhammas- Welcome! What?

DB- There's a lot at play here.

Anon- We must know some of the same people.

brohammas said...

That was me quoting the wife in an obviously poor format.
I have repeatedly explained things like, "South Philly is called South Philly because it is the south part of town. Hence it is SOUTH of us."

She still doesnt get it. Hence, she is reading something, "it says its in SOuth Philly. Hey Babe, where is south Philly again?"