19 August 2010

John Francis Muldoon

Some further insight into Mr Muldoon. What can I say -- I like the guy.


Titus said...

Huh, I didn't know Corby used to be a residence hall. Now, oddly enough, it's the presbytery. It's the building (actually the same one) where the priests live in Rudy.

M.Lane said...

I like him too. This is so interesting. I always wonder when looking at old year books whatever happened to the people in them.


Anonymous said...

John Frances Muldoon.

Sounds like a guy who should end up at the Notre Dame Law School, being a Catholic and Democrat and all. And maybe something about the name.

Tuco said...

He looks like former NFL coach Chuck Knox.

Giuseppe said...

A Catholic and a Democrat?

In your face, Ivy League!


A few law and graduate students roomed on campus in Corby Hall at duLac during the first four decades of the 20th century. This was because Notre Dame did not offre on-campus housing to advanced students. The vast majority lived off campus.

My maternal gradfather resided in Corby Hall as a law student for two years prior to Mr. Muldoon's arrival.He took great delight in taking our family to its lobby to show us the famous painting of Rev. Corby blessing Federal troops at Mass prior to the last day of fighting at Gettysburg. The statue of Rev.Corby in front of the hall bearing his name is identical to the one honoring him and the Fighting 69th and 88th regiments at Gettysburg.

Another little known fact is that General William Sherman's family resided at Notre Dame during the Civil War. Although General was Presbyterian, His Catholic wife Ellen Ewing Sherman took her children live at Notre Dame to be educated there and at nearby St. Mary's College during the Civil War years. To his chagrin, Sherman's eldest son, Thomas Ewing Sherman graduated from Notre Dame and subsequently was ordained a Society of Jesus (Jesuit) priest in 1879.

Yes, your suspicion is correct. I completed my undergraduate studies in History and Government at duLac (Old Boy and Old Girl nickname for Notre Dame.) Unlike my maternal grandfather but like "Cump" Sherman and Ara Parseghian, I am Presbyterian and a Republican.

Ben said...

The Fighting Irish: putting the fear of God back into the East Coast for generations.

Cheer, cheer!

tintin said...

I have been looking at old yearbooks since first discovering them 25 years ago in a used book store on the main line. Was fascinated by how these faces reminded me of faces present day. And always wondered what their lives were like.

Today, I could google and find out more but I like not knowing. In some ways the mystery is more appealing to me. Not sure why that is. Like reading the end of a book when you just started it?