27 August 2010

Off My Back: J Crew

Not sure exactly how old this is. Maybe 20 years? You don't remember buying a shirt in a J. Crew outlet the same way you remember buying a shirt on Jermyn Street. There's not much of a story here either. The wear and tear speaks more to the washing and drying than any adventure. But I love the frayed patina and the old tag. It's a weekend shirt good at absorbing hangovers, washing the car, leaning up against time and holding onto life by a thread.


longwing said...

you must be pretty liberal with the bleach

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Nice. Twenty years ago I had J.Crew polos just like this. If I remember correctly, they weren't all that durable.

Baron said...

The last sentence of this post is simply brilliant !

Anonymous said...

I don't know about absorbing hangovers but I live by the absorbing ability of pique knit. And its breathing. It's what gets me through every Southern summer.


Main Line Sportsman said...

One of my college buddies had a girlfriend that worked for J. Crew...early 90's. She got us all great discounts. I had some of these shirts....they were heavy cotton...held up like iron....lasted forever. Alas, Crew's new stuff is junk in comparison.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that no matter what this Laguna Beach character changes his name to he's still an asshole.

cc said...

I've had such a hard time wearing white, it gets ruined after the first few outings.

Anonymous said...

This is a good one.


Although, would that be John Crew?

Brummagem Joe said...

Totally different and more interesting topic than frayed polos that one uses to mop the floor. You just caused my morning laugh Tintin when my eye wandered right and I saw Bowties and erections! Must have missed that one at the time. I wear them sometimes, always undersize to get a better shape, and yep Sedaris is full of it.

Anonymous said...

negative waves just bring people down sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

my rugby jerseys are that old and still in great shape- unfortunately i was shocked to learn they aren't made anymore and that rugby (these were game jerseys made by a south african company) now has collarless synthentic skin tight jerseys.

The world sucks

Anonymous said...

caboose a little loose, sweetheart?

Anonymous said...

I've had such a hard time wearing white, it gets ruined after the first few outings.
yep me too sweat for one -- underarms and neck. Let's not even talk about my white pants.

La Maison Fou said...

I love good patina, be it soft cotton,a little gray in the beard, or that just right worn staple!
Hooray for weekend comfy attire and all the good life that goes into making it look and count good!
Love that polo.....
everyone has a couple of fav or vintage pieces right?

tintin said...

longwing- Aren't all white boys?

Baron- I thought so as well.

DB - And that's one big mahma jhamma pique.

Main Line- It makes me wonder who made it in Panama. Anyone? Where's Tater when you need him?

Anon- Where do I send the check?

cc- bleach.

fatfriend- Baron Crew of Stene? That's a new line J Crew is working on. It's cut for the heavier-older man who has an ass and is clean shaven.

Joe- That's favorite of mine. Glad you caught it.

anon- sweetheart, Nothing neg here.

anon- darling, Check out the on line site for Twickenham Stadium. Last I visited there was some decent kit and a nifty cork screw.

anon- white ducks like bleach.

La Maison Fou- Gray in the beard =s, "everyone knew he didn't give a shit..." Sky King. Great Kris Kristoferson song. You'll love it.