10 August 2010

Chris Craft Catalog - 1980

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I lived on board a boat my senior year of college. It was a power boat or 'Stink Pot' and I hated that but I was still living in a marina and nothing on earth could beat that. I spent a lot of time sailing with neighbors and grilling fish on their hibachi screwed to the aft railing of a 41' Morgan. I loved that boat and have always dreamed of owning one. I know their fat and lazy cruisers - but then - so am I. Not that I cruise but you get my point.

The Chris Craft catalog was rarely found on a sail boat. Instead, in the 80's Florida of my college youth, this was found in the heads of power boaters. Usually a retired Anchor Cranker from Mayport with a fondness for being addressed by their rank well into retirement. Unlike my telephone colonel father who, upon being addressed as colonel, always said, "Call me Fred. I'm not in the Army anymore."

Chris Craft had some cool stuff and some pretty hideous stuff. It's a nostalgia I almost hate to bring up for fear some NYC hipster is knocking off that sweat shirt in the Honduras before he finishes reading this post. Chris Craft Apparel is still around but just a shade of what it once was. Still, this Tervis Tumbler has my name written all over it.


Alice Olive said...

Ha! Check out the back-lighting on the man and woman on that last tear sheet! Hilarious! Meanwhile, the more natural lighting for the white strapless number above it isn't bad and makes me look. But what is the fabric of that dress? Towel or cotton? (Lighting is everything.)

tintin said...

Looks like terry cloth to me.

Mom on the Run said...

In college, my kelly green "duck shoes" were Chris Craft. Most people wore the Bass version of Bean boot knock offs and I can't even remember where I bought those, but I loved that they said Chris Craft on the back when everyone else's said Bass. Yes, I was (am?) that shallow.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetheart, don't hit me with those negative waves so early in the morning.

tintin said...

MOTR- You're a woman. You're supposed to be shallow. Just kidding (Sort of).

I remember those colored duck shoes. It was perfectly correct for gals to wear them but not kosher for guys.

Anonymous said...

Sunshine, I have a serious question. I am freaked out about bedbugs - the infestation level is close to 8% in NYC- you WILL be exposed to them - and as you probably know, you have to fumigate or throwout everything - including books and clothes--
so how does one protect onesself - it makes sense to protect from moths anyway- or carpet beetle larvae- so a.airtight storage for long term? For example I have a set of my grandfather's tails i don't wear (can barely fit into!)

now what about every day- in safaris didnt they used to have bugproof bags and such? where can one get those - (I had a beetle crawl out of my back i had left on the floor of a resturuant once - i nice one ! - so i want to start being more careful.



tintin said...

George- You're scewed. We're all screwed. And to make matters worse-- it's an excluded peril on any homeowners insurance form. Now, I need your email address so I can bill you for the insuance consultation.

Anonymous said...

Tintin- seriously dude, didn't they used to have bugproof bags on safari - i know that when Richard Francis Burton (the explorer) was in Africa a beetle burrowed into SPeck (sp) his co-explorer's ear -but i thought they developed bug proof bags - light clothing helps but i would figure with all your clothes/military knowledge you might have some ideas..

I know.... DDT!


tintin said...

George- I never went on safari in the army. We did use waterproof bags. OD green canvas with a rubber inside. Almost like an English Macintosh. In Panama scorpions were everywhere and so were ants and mosquitos. We used a net called a bar and I usually slept in a hammock with the net over me and a poncho over that strung between the same trees the hammock was.

One night in the jungle I heard a kid screaming. Later learned an ant had crawled into his ear while he was asleep and stung him.

But bugs were insignificant to keeping stuff dry. That was everything. Hope that helps, sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Oof! What kind of sick mind comes up with a catalog cover like that? There is not even just one of their boats in any of the shots, that's how cheap an afterthought the whole thing looks. Thank God for the mid-80s design renaissance. And, for that matter, The Sharper Image.

My dad also insisted on being addressed by name for the same reasons as your father. Just something a little creepy and insecure about the need to be referred to by rank from a former life. Kind of endearingly fun though when you see it with old guys in British movies.

Tervis Tumblers rule, especially in the South where all drinks sweat like nothing else. I have several.


Anonymous said...

thanks Tintin


Family Man said...

I like the Strapless Terry Cover-Up, or maybe it's the lady in it that I like. Same diff.

But those his-n-hers track suits! Did they escape from the set of Logan's Run? Space 1999? Battlestar Galactica, maybe?

Trailer Trad said...

If a vintage pair of those gray 'Dr. Who' jogging togs appreciates like mahogany Chris-Craft run-abouts have, they should be worth about $1,750 by 2015.

brohammas said...

SUre the his and hers uni's are fine, but whats up with the uh.... "close up"?

Anonymous said...

Family Man...The his & hers track suits? Think Nicholas Guest & Julia Louis- Dreyfus in "Christmas Vacation!"

tintin said...

DB- I figured you'd love that cover. You remember the St A marina? There were some big Chris Crafts there. 40 and 50 footers with fly bridges. Air conditioned, bar well stocked. But sail boats ruled.

George- No problem. Good luck.

Family Man- Be careful. You're a family man.

Trailer Trad- The next new hipster trend in Brooklyn. Velour jogging suits. It can't miss. Tom Ford has a head start.

brohammas- I hadn't noticed and now wish you didn't.

Anon- Ah, a wonderful reference.

those tricks said...

oh man, those long underwear inspired matching sweatsuits gave me an actual out loud chuckle.

Family Man said...

Yes, indeed, I am a family man--but I'm not dead.

thecontinentalcat said...


Love the photos of the former Mrs. DeLorean.