19 August 2010

Grasping Summer's End

August 1980 - A beach somewhere in Florida

As excited as I was to start college - I didn't want this to end either.


Brummagem Joe said...

You appear to be grasping something else there Tintin. Can't say I blame you. You seem to posting a lot of stuff these days pining for your lost youth. What is it the male menopause? Not that I don't understand the impulse. I've been in Europe for the past couple of weeks and it's hard not to envy the young on whom, as Oscar pointed, out youth is largely wasted!

tintin said...

Welcome back, Joe. "Pining for my lost youth..." Joe, this whole blog is about me pining for my lost youth.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious and fantastic, in equal measure. There's even an Annette Funicello/Beach Blanket Bingo-by-way-of-WWII Desert Fox thing happening...


Alice Olive said...

This is a wonderful moment. Self-timer or did someone else take it? Seems so intimate. Can't imagine anyone except a camera being permitted to intrude.


Despite the triple-digit temps and honest to god pestilence, I'm not ready to let summer go either.

What to do? Porching it, post 9 p.m., with Roxy Music/(early) REM/(late) Zepp and a bottomless Old Fashioned. It works.

Anonymous said...

Public Displays of Affection? Soooo non-trad.

ADG said...


Al said...

TinTin, I've wandered over here from ACL and kind of like the vibe better... Florida, girls in bikinis, the feel of the upcoming school year... love your writing and man oh man I love where you're at in this pic... All the most beautiful things slip through our fingertips right? Like the change of the seasons... All the Best, Al the Unfazed in Portland, OR

The Glengarry Sporting Club said...

This looks to me like one of the best stops along the route between here and eternity.

Brummagem Joe said...

"Joe, this whole blog is about me pining for my lost youth."

And there I was thinking it was a celebration of acquired wisdom.

those tricks said...

What a photo!
Thanks for sharing.

ADG said...

Oh and Tintang, one other thing...that photo was taken back in the "Buckwheat in a headlock era" right? I miss those wiry days.

It was raining cats and dogs in St Augustine yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I love this pic and the ethereal quality about it.

Trailer Trad said...

My college photos looked just like that except:

No cool girl
No cool beach
No cool truck in the background
No cool sepia tone to the photo
-Even the girl's belly pooch is cool!
(How'd you get Sophia Loren to do the photo shoot?)

tintin said...

DB- You missed the poncho liner.

Alice- Her friend took the pic. I wanted to keep my hands free.

Stew - Bottomless Old Fashioned? Sounds like a sexual position.

Anon- I was Italian on that day.

ADG- Your college girl friends looked like they modeled for LL Bean circa 1980.

Al- Welcome. We're running a different organization over here. One where the pictures are in focus.

Glengary- It had its moments.

Joe- So far I've aquired an amazing amount of useless information. And a lotta Kodachrome slides.

Steph- Keep an eye out for that swim suit.

ADG- It's a scissor lock. Buckwheat in a scissor lock. You can't even steal from me and get it right.

Dee Serving- I may turn this into a poster.

Trailer Trad- You forgot to mention my poncho liner.

Anonymous said...

Who is that John? I recognize the beach but not the girl! Our college was pretty small so I should know her.
Thanks goodness you did not post a photo of me, although I have a great black and white photo of us that your sister took in your Mom's house. All of us had great fun at this beach!

Anonymous said...

Hey John, scratch the comment about posting pictures of me... I saw the other photos. We were so young! We really had fun shooting those pictures at your Mom's house. I remember that afternoon too and have one of the photos. I am glad you talked me into taking the photos with you... it has always been a favorite college memory and photo of mine. MB