13 September 2009


The Alden Restoration

I was thinking about these 23 year old Alden's... the number of job interviews and dates they've been on. They were witness to my divorce and have been to funerals of friends and family. I've been fired in them...more than once and no doubt they'll see me fired again. I just wish I had aged as well.


Aaron said...

It's amazing what a restoration can do to a worn pair of shoes. I've used the Allen Edmonds service and have been surprised at how good the shoes look after they've been renovated. It's the leather refinishing that really makes the difference.


Anonymous said...

tintin --

Your faithful readers know that you'll never need to be re-souled.

Life is not about clothes.

(Well, not entirely.)

M.Lane said...

I love the power of great things. My dad always said if you buy really good shoes you don't need that many pairs.


Laguna Beach Trad said...

You and me both. Fine clothing and classic shoes. In a way, these are our true companions.

Speedmaster said...

VERY nice shoes, and sentiments.

Anonymous said...

You HAVE aged well, baby!

I agree with ML wholeheartedly. Nice photo styling and lighting - you're getting good. I applaud you for wearing those on dates. Your dates must have been either bemused or intrigued. Either one is always a good thing in my book.

I say have them bronzed.


initials CG said...

These shoes just look better with age. More distinguished. We try to grow into our own distinction with age, just like our shoes. Too bad most gals don't age the same way...going the way of really old fruit.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

You are now wearing works of art. I hope I weather as well. The thought of restoration seems ticklish though. Except of course in the case of my shoes.

Dickie said...

I love them. Which pair of wing tips are these?

tintin said...

Dickie- Brooks Bros by Alden. Purchased in 1986 for $185.