11 September 2009

Beltless Friday - Newk, Bastian & Orangina

A Rangefinder and a Newk Shirt

$695 Michael Bastian Cammies

A Beltless Alternative

That barracks shot was taken about the time John Newcombe had some beers with George Bush. Beltless short tennis shorts which saw a peek of boxer was popular in the day. That's a Yashica rangefinder. My first 35mm. A great camera until it was replaced with the Oly OM-1. That army wall locker looks a mess. Must'a been the weekend and based on what Michael Bastian is asking (getting?) for his cammie trousers - - There's probably over $10,000 in that locker. Been trying to find a Newcombe shirt for a couple of years. No luck.

I've also been trying to replicate the taste of Orangina. Starting with orange juice and seltzer with a little superfine sugar. Then the mandarin orange juice. Then a blend of mandarin and seville orange jelly. I don't know how they do it but I sure as hell can't. And that's too bad because Orangina is darned expensive. Bartons Gin is cheaper. I know there are some foodies out there who can do it. Anyone? These Orangina posters by Villemot are too rich for me. But unlike Orangina, you can get knock offs for about what two bottles of this stuff would set you back.



Pulp-less OJ. Lemon-lime seltzer. I think the measurements are about 3 to 1 seltzer to OJ. No one will argue if you choose to add Stoli.

Aaron said...

Now THAT'S what a camera should look like. Why do all new cameras look like plastic toys?


Anonymous said...

Tintin, get this: my mom brought back an original Orangina poster, now mostly in pieces, that she got in France in the fifties when she was a student. It's big - they were the urban billboards of the day. I want it restored for hanging.

I adore Villemot's works. Get the more expensive approved versions, usually $50 or more. Many of those are printed "giclee," which is a fancy French term for nothing more than inkjet. But well printed, semi-archival and affordable. Silkscreened versions are more expensive, still.

Ah yes, the Yashica rangefinder - a very big and limited (no interchangeable lenses) version of a Leica. Still, endearing in a way, like the way the Yashicamat reminded us of the unattainable Rolleiflex. Of course, the metal strap adds a cool factor.

You shoot skeet with those glasses?


Anonymous said...

you've figured out the ultimate fashion accessory to sell -better than 220.00 camos...
the beltless belt! think about it, no inventory or production problems, all marketing!

Paul said...

The pizza joint I frequent (like 3 times a week) in Winter Park, FL has Orangina in their cooler - I have no idea what they charge for it - I never touch the stuff. Good luck and Buona fortuna!

tintin said...

Stew- You're the best. I'll give it a try. I like Cachaca in Orangina. It works but is very dangerous. Perfect for you.

Aaron- I rememember seeing the Canon G-7 in an ad and then seeing it at a camera store. Very disappointing. I thought it belonged on a key chain but it can do some amazing things. I do miss drinking beer and listening to tunes in the dark room.

DB- That poster you have in pieces is probably worth a small fortune. Remember calling it a Yashicashit?

anon 16:25 - That's a good one. You have to work in the business.

Paul- Man, your site looks good. I wanna see some great shots from basic. Don't know if I'd drink Orangina with a pizza but you never know.

Giuseppe said...

Bourbon, over ice, with a dash of Peychaud's, a drop of Benedictine and a splash of Orangina, stirred. Garnish with a slice of lemon. Haven't come up with a name for it yet, but it's a damn good belt.

Maybe next Friday?

tintin said...

The Peychaud and Bourbon scream New Orleans. Benedictine and Orangina are French. How 'bout The French Quarter cocktail?

Easy and Elegant Life said...

$695 Michael Bastian Cammies...

Damn you Dad for dumping your Tiger Stripes in the corner and hotfooting it for the airstrip. Must be worth way more than the Confederate muny that came my way.