02 September 2009

2009 US Open

The Trad is a Fan of Ray Bans

The Yuma at the Open

Great Seats...

But better than his

The Trad is a Fan of Summer Hats

The Foxtrot and I made it to the Open last night. What a difference a year makes. Last year's US Open was a private box with free booze and chow. This year the same company threw us a couple of nose bleed seats and said we were on our own for vittles. I'm not complaining. It's nice not having to talk to people in my business.

Another beautiful night with Fall like weather just like last year's Open. The tennis was fun. The crowd even more so. This is NYC after all.


Anonymous said...

game has lost its elegance bam-slam! slam slam


why is a tennis stadium named after louis armstrong.
and arthur ash..oh never mind, i get it.

Donaska said...

Looks like you were on the roof -- BJW's old seats! We probably saw you on tv last night!

Anonymous said...

US Open rah rah.

Anonymous said...

oh my...I like ray bans too!

Anonymous said...

problem with those 'comped' 'corproate' write-offable seats is it jacks up the price for every one else..fans who actually pay their own way.

That is funny about the open tickets though.

You had to pay for your own food? You're lucky to get out of there and not spend $200.00 :)

Anonymous said...

could you even see the ball?

Anonymous said...

Did you take the Subway or the LIRR..or cab it?

It sucks butt to try to get out there.

Anonymous said...

Green with envy!!
Your free seats were much better than mine... at home in front of the flat screen! I'd say you scored my friend! ME

Anonymous said...

"It Must Be Love" indeed with that picture! Also am a fan of summer hats. Cuffs at an tournament - nice. Really like that vintage looking poster, too.


M.Lane said...

I love Ray Bans. And, this time of year would not be the same without the Yuma/court shot.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, poor tintin. No free sushi & beer. What a bad break! Thanks for not sharing the indignity of using the public restrooms. We'd be besides ourselves with sympathy.

So glad your pain was mitigated by not having to talk to people in your business.

Is it really the Ray Bans that attracted you to her? Please say it was the boobs. You'll seem way less gay.

I thought true trads left their socks packed away until well after Labor Day, no?

Dickie said...

Awesome. Funny how much The Open looks like Legg Mason here in DC. Better quality players at the Open, natch, but entertaining none the less.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Awesome post, Tintin. Glad you had a good time.

When I first glanced at the Yuma photo for a split second I thought you had some sort of monogrammed tattoo on your ankle.

I like Ray Bans too, but I'm more of a Persol man myself. If I were to try on the pair of Ray Bans in your photo, I'm sure I would get a swift kick in the spectacles.

ADG said...

Man...that's a nice set of Ray Bans...you shoulda been sockless boy. What was with the white Polo hose?

wstroby said...

I think those ... uh, Ray Bans were worth the price of admission.

Richard M said...

While I agree with the first post about tennis losing it's elegance (see E. Digby Baltzell's "Sporting Gentlemen" ), do I not detect a little racism in the post? Why NOT name a stadium for Arthur Ashe (sp.) ?

tintin said...

Anon 13:18 Ashe won in '68 and since he was a Army 1st LT, he had to forfeit the $14,000 purse and take a per diem check for $20. For that alone he should get a stadium named for him.

The Louis Armstrong Stadium was the old Singer Bowl built for the '64 World's Fair but named after Armstrong shortly after his death. Louis died in NYC and lived a few blocks from the the stadium.

Now you know.

donaska- I think the folks in the blimp had better seats.

Anon 14:35 I can see the Open adding cheerleaders very soon.

Anon 15:14- My favorite pair.

Anon 15:55- I always thought lux boxes subsidized fan tkts. But I'm very naive.

Anon 16:12 - No. But I had fun watching people and drinking beer. Funny, that's usually what I wind up doing when I have good seats at any sporting event.

Anon 16:34 Subway. Express going out. Only a local for the return. 'Suck butt' doesn't come close to describing the return trip.

ME- Come out next year and you can stuff kleenex up my nose.

DB- Glad you caught that 'Love' thing. But that's the ticket not a poster.

M Lane- Yumas and Ray Bans. What more could you ask for? Perhaps shots of Calvados.

Anon 19:35 - You sound like my Mother.

Dickie- It's really the crowds that make it fun. And the beer.

LBT- Didn't see a pair of Persols that beat these Ray Bans.

Dust Off- Those are cream socks. And the Yuma is not a comfortable shoe sans sock per the Florsheim origins of India manufacture and reverse grain not unlike Honduran Weejuns. They need a big break in before they're worn sockless. It may be another 20 years before they're ready.

WC Stroby- I would say they made the night.

Richard M- I agree but I hope you're aware that's a comment. Is the comment the same as the post?

holly goes lightly said...

jealous jealous jealous

Richard M said...