18 September 2009

Friday Brace: Puffin Cachaca

The Black Leopard & Puffin Nuffin Braces

A Great New Sound...

Back in the early 90's I discovered Brazil Row on West 46th. I settled on Via Brazil just off 6th Avenue. First off, and I'm sorry but it's true, it ain't what it used to be. The remodel took a lot of the charm outta the place as well as the close tables where you could get to know the folks around you. Crank up the Samba, throw down a couple Caipirinha's and you can get to know the folks around you pretty easily. What fuels the party is Cachaca. I don't know how to get an uncial under the third 'c' which changes to a 'z' so it's pronounced Cachaza but now you know. This stuff is Brazilian jet fuel. The Caipirinha is nothing but jet fuel, some muddled limes and a spoon of superfine sugar or azucaaarrrrr.

I wanted that wonderful sugar cane taste that Caipirinha brings but didn't want the hammer. So, I went with this cocktail, The Black Leopard. I never heard of it but it was in the little recipe book that came with the jet fuel. There are a number of Cachacas to choose from. I chose the cool looking bottle. Anyway, the drink is a shot of jet fuel, half a shot of coconut water and it's topped off with root beer. I didn't think it sounded very good and I was right. This just doesn't work. My advice? Stick to the Caipirinha but go easy and eat. A lot. Then it's time to dance. I look like an asshole but I feel like Sergio Mendes.

Those braces are a nice contrast to the Black Leopard. There is something about Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 that always made me feel like an adult...even when I was 10. Bossa Nova was heard a lot in my house growing up but I don't remember seeing braces. These are a limited edition by Thurston in the UK. Only 500 in the world so I don't expect to see them anywhere but on me.

The only way I could improve on Thurston is to have a pair custom made. And that may not be a bad idea. Unlike a suit or shirt - - You never outgrow braces. Hard to lose a pair when you're wearing them...although a client tried to give a pair I was wearing to a stripper once. And I like the idea of using silks based on 18th Century great coat trim. What really has me sold on the idea is their 'hip' days are long gone. Just a bunch of guys stuck in the 80's still wear them. Always fun to show 'em off on the dance floor. Geez, I wonder if S.O.B.s is open?


M.Lane said...

Sergio is the best. You are right, this jet fuel is to be highly respected. But it does make one feel like you can dance. Which is all that matters.

I love braces but I am always suspect that the buttons for them on my trousers are either too close or too far apart. I have brace anxiety. A couple of shots of Cachaca helps with that also..

Have a fine weekend Tintin.



Just when I thought Bacardi 151 was THE angel of death, Cachaca came into my life. I'll have to make a point of jotting that first experience down w/ said tipple in the immediate future.

I only wear braces when I hunt and they are made by C.C. Filson.

longwing said...

Had some tequila last night and didn't see anything wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

I am a powerful jedi knight.

Anonymous said...

suspenders are butt.


Hello TinTin,

Good to hear that you also like bossa nova, as much as we do. So, we're happy to inform you that you have a higher choice, when it comes to Cachaca. It is the award-winning BOSSA Cachaca: www.bossacachaca.co.uk

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Anonymous said...

Nice post. Don't you just love how Brazilians (speaking or singing in Portuguese) smooth all the consonants in their words, sensually and perfectly echoing their culture?

What I wouldn't give to see women again wearing sleeveless sheath dresses, hair side-parted, with a flip. Maybe a cardigan over their shoulders in the cool evening air.

And later, back at your place, Brazil 66 spins on the turntable as you break out the Cachaca. She playfully snaps your braces with a devilish grin...

Dang! Quick, a belt of that stuff!


Anonymous said...

have ever listened to Bebel Gilberto, sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Victorian Dance Hall

Anonymous said...

my old girlfriend was brazillian. one thing i don't like about them - they are way way way too flirtatious for my north european blood - and no it wasn't just her...its in the culture. Yeah, flirty's nice ...when they are not your girlfriend or wife..

ADG said...

"an uncial" ...


Easy and Elegant Life said...

Caipirinha's.... ooof. Falls into the rum category with me. Or I should say I fall into just about everything with them. Mostly bushes whilst trying to disembark from the taxi. Got a bottle of the evil stuff lurking under the bar. It gets the same amount of play as the Absinthe.

I sure would like to find a good muddler though. There are days when I would just like to muddle through. Braces help keep up the side then. Especially Thurston's. Gives me the excuse to say I've got guts.

That's enough of that...

Anonymous said...

Long live Astrud Gilbreto! ME
Happy Friday!

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Brazilian women? I love them! Ah, I could write a book about them. I've dated a few. I once dated a blonde Brazilian girl who shared a house with several other Brazilians. Goodness! There are many Brazilians in the southwestern region of CT. Try acting cool and collected around them. It drives them nuts! The local Benz dealership here in OC employs dozens of young Brazilians as part of some special visa scheme. The girls are quite attractive, as you can imagine.

As for braces, I love the idea. I used to wear them in the mid-1990s in Manhattan, but even then they were barely in style. Only the older traders and brokers wore them. They are rarely seen in this neck of the woods. Ripe for a comeback? Perhaps.

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

After a couple of belts, people think they can dance. After a couple more belts, they think they can sing. That's when they really screw up.

Giuseppe said...

So I was grooving on the Segio Mendes video, always a killing choice of Jams, when I noticed the word "action" on the life ring attached to the piano. I nearly fell out of my chair.


Anonymous said...

SOBs, Victorian Dance Hall, what?

tintin said...

M Lane- Your prize for the Friday Belt competition, Flusser's, Clothes and the Man, 'splains button placement for braces in detail. I promise to get it out to you Monday. My apologies for the delay.

Stew- Let me know what you think of cachaca. I think you'll like it. Back in the 80's, I only wore braces when I was hunting.

LWing- As Stew rightly pointed out on the earlier tequila belta post - - one does shots of it and does not mix it. You appear to know the score as well.

anons 10:20 & 10:55- Double Tap on the way.

CL Gomes- If you guys think you can offer me free booze - - you know me well. Dig your web site. What's the story behind your bottle design? It looks like a cricket bat.

DB- I have only dad to thank for exposing me to this music. Even though, at the time, I wanted to hear the Monkees - - Funny how stuff works out.

Anon 12:38 - I have the debut album but lost track of her. Am looking at iTunes and am amazed at how much she has out. I got a lotta catching up to do.

anon 14:10 - D wants to terminate your comments. I think you're verbose. Tap - Tap.

anon- Was at a retirement party for an airline pilot who was ex-Navy aviator. Told me about a Ferrari he owned before getting married. He said owning that car was like being married to the most beautiful woman in the world...who cheated on you all the time. Maybe she was Brazilian as well?

E&E- A taxi in Richmond? 'Whilst' in Richmond. You do have guts.

ADGee- I have a pair of Uncials in a 9D.

ME- I taught you well.

LBT- Benz'll do anything to sell a car.

Dad, You know, with all the music there was in the house - - why, in the wide world of sports, did you let me pick the snare drum as an instrument?

Giuseppe- Sergio is a king. I blew the dust of a couple David Byrne samba collections. Amazing stuff.

Anon 16:28 Tap - Tap.

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

For Tin-tin:
RE: Snare Drum. Two reasons. One, we didn't think you'd stay with it anyhow. Two, providing you with only two drumsticks and a rubberized practice pad to start with, greatly reduced the noise.
Tacky and selfish on our part? Yes. But, our survival seemed important.

initials CG said...

Tin, you shoulda seen what a stripper could do with your braces!

I use them frequently, and it takes the right kinda girl, but I like them, especially with a stripper. But I wear them anyway just in case I have to take my lawyers to a club so they relax a bit and work better when they're under the gun. Never had a more faithful group of piranha.

tintin said...

Dad, I remember that practice pad. Although I don't remember practicing all that much. I do remember playing 'Wipe Out' on any surface around me.

cg- I like the way you think.

Anonymous said...

Heard Luciana Souza's "New Bossa Nova?" Suspect you won't like the "pop" tunes, since you're clearly as a samba snob. But you've gotta love her version of "The Waters of March."

tintin said...

Not a snob. But english lyrics with samba or bossa nova seems out of place. I agree it's a pretty song but it's hard to forget the Portugese.

Brubeck and Carmen McRae did something similar on their Live at Basin Street East CD. Lyrics were put to Brubeck's music where, to me, they didn't belong and, to me, are annoying.


Hello TinTin,

Thanks for asking about BOSSA Cachaca's bottle design. It's fun to know that it reminded you of a cricket bat also.

In fact,this package design received the Silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition last year and the product itself (the liquid) got the Double Gold.

As to its meaning, BOSSA's bottle design was inspired by the sidewalk of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. If you've been to Rio, you probably noticed that each beach sidewalk there has its own distinct design pattern that were created by renowed Brazilian landscape artist Burle Marx http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberto_Burle_Marx

So, we found inspiration from the design on the Ipanema Beach sidewalk especifically, because: a) that's where we (the founders) grew up and b) because Ipanema Beach was the craddle of Bossa Nova music, back in the late 1950's. We then created this derived design work that is applied to the entire bottle all around it like a sleeve. Quite unique indeed.

And yes, even the empty bottle is quite heavy. So, I suppose one could use it as a bat (if needed.) :)

For those who like bossa nova music, I highly recommend some new artists who are coming out of Brazil now with a more international flair, namely Celso Fonseca and Elaine Elias. You can easily get them online here in the US.

Stay in touch.


CL Gomes
BOSSA International, Inc.
South Beach | Miami

tintin said...

Giuseppe- I thought that sounded like Dick Clark in the intro. For more see this:


CL- Many thanks. I'll check out your new guys. And just so we have full transparency here at the Trad -- my request for a free sample is on it's way.