08 September 2009

It's Business Time

Summer is over. It's business time.


Anonymous said...

funny you say that, i am wathicng the us open live from my computer @ work.

I noticed the judges have these white oxfords w/ a small USOpen logo on one side than a huge ##$@$ Ralph Lipshitz/Polo one on the other - it looked obscene.

Anonymous said...

More like a poo poo than a choo choo, sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Good bye, linen, hello tweed.
Good bye bucs, hello riding boots.
Good bye margarita, hello cabernet!ME

M.Lane said...

Love the Conchords. Love the song.



Anonymous said...

I read your appearance in The New York Observer. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talkin about, guvnor.

Aaron said...

That video pretty well sums it up...tis the change of season.


Anonymous said...

Best. Song. Ever. "Sorting out the recycling is not really foreplay, but it is very important." My girls and I quote this song constantly. Rock on Trad. D

ignorance arbitrage said...

and the backlash has begun:


Anonymous said...

You made Gawker.

(I guess that means you're officially famous or something.)

Anonymous said...

Tradster, you're an international hero!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gawker? Caboose a little loose, sunshine?

Anonymous said...

Wow, and only a period of months after first being released and dying, you finally got clued into "It's business time"

So very cutting edge.

Anonymous said...

About those Gawker comments; fuck em if they don't get the joke. I'll keep reading. And enjoying. Every party needs a pooper. D

DCB said...

very cool about the Observer piece. certainly has provided fodder for the gawker miscreants. given your many careers, not certain if it's fair to simply label you an insurance man.

Anonymous said...

I know you're too comfortable with who you are to let the gawker snarking bother you, in fact you probably got a few chuckles out of it, even though the post and comments are more a reflection of the authors than you... it's not the first time you've been mis-understood.

Buttsmeller guy

tintin said...

anon 14:23- Could you imagine if Ralph worked out a deal with NASA?

anon 14:53 Poo Choo. I saw one at last years Westminster.

ME - Most fitting.

ML- Miles Fisher sent me this video along with some other bizarre stuff I really like. Speaking of bizarre...search You Tube for Miles Fisher and let me know what you think.

Anon 23:53 Oh, shit.

anon 11:36- There ya go.

Aaron- I thought it worked. Nice blog you have there.

D- They should knock out some tee shirts. Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.

ignorance arbitrage- Some good stuff there but I swear I don't have fat ankles. I'm an asshole who fucks squash racquets but I don't have fat ankles.

Anon 12:10 - I'm a 52 year old asshole is what I am. I'll be selling that t shirt on Etsy next week.

anon 14:41 - Soon there'll be a "I'm a 52 year old International Asshole" t shirt on Etsy.

Anon 14:49 That's where all those jobs come from.

Anon 14:53 It's on tight but the track may not be.

anon 15:37 If you're looking to a 52 year old international asshole for 'cutting edge' you're in the wrong place.

D - Thanks so much but I feel like a private again. It's not gonna rain...but it may cloud up and shit.

DCB- Many thanks. They're ok. They just have a part to play.

Butt Smeller- Good to see you! You know, you were good training for this. I owe you.

Anonymous said...

Business time indeed, judging from your recent comments in The Observer article.

Good stuff, keep fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

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