04 September 2009

Friday Belts - Tin Cans & 10-Codes

My Sam Browne Belt

Dale's PaleAle

Speaking of getting it in the can...

That's a belt from a loooong time ago when I worked for a sheriff's department in a small southern county. Very southern. The green suede lined holster holds a Smith & Wesson Model 19 with target grips. I took this picture when it was all new...the leather so cardboard stiff it squeaked. Only the belt remains. The rest of it sold or given away to friends who stayed deputies.

There was a 10 - code that most civilians were unaware of. Don't know if it's still around. It went like this. Say you pulled someone over for a traffic violation and the driver gave you a hard time. Back then we didn't taser you. But, another cop driving by would always slow down to see if you needed help. Turning to give him the okay -- you would show what kind of 'asshole' you were dealing with by a show of fingers. One being the least offensive asshole with ten fingers representing the king of assholes. A story told many a time was when a local judge, dealing with an irate old lady, looked past her as she complained and saw a wall of cops waiting for their case. The judge looks at the little old lady and holds up ten fingers to the cops.

That's an IPA beer in a tin can. I know it's aluminum but I needed a head line. I've always been in awe of great head lines. When Donald dumped Ivanna, the NY Post ran with, "Donald bounces a Czech." Anyway, Dale's ain't cheap. $18 a 12 pack in NYC but then again a 12 pack of Ballantine is $13...in NYC. You can get it for a lot less outside the city. But Dale's is a perfect city beer. The cans keep it light and easy to carry. The taste? Huge and big with hops. It's like that .357 magnum up there coming out of a .22 Colt Woodsman. A perfect beer for cool autumn afternoons while you tell the '10 - Code for Assholes' story to your buddies. Always popular regardless of political affiliations.


james at 10engines said...

i love the nypost headlines. pure car crash trashiness.


Jesus Christ, son. If you ever need to get off that Godforsaken island and back into the saddle again, my bottom desk drawer is open for you. Ol' Grand Dad and Middle GA call.

ZZ said...

Or like when Ray Kroc died and SNL in the news leads off with his picture and a voiceover:

"Ray Kroc -- McDead!"

ADG said...

Tinbadge....How many damn careers have you had boy?

Anonymous said...

IPAs started when the British would import pale ale to inja in oak barrels (thus, india pale ale)

Victorian Dance Belt.

Anonymous said...

The furnace is hot and boiling sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

"I've always been in awe of great head lines." Shades of the Mad Man in you, lurking just below the surface...


DCB said...

Another great Friday post

You've lived a bunch of lives and gathered some wonderful pictures along the way

In terms of NY headlines, one of the classics remains "headless man found in topless bar"

Happy holiday weekend to everyone

Anonymous said...

Johnny Yuma Was A Rebel - The derivation of the nomenclature. The only mid 20th century teevee western featuring a title character wearing low-slung-moc-toe-vamp-slip-ons and crested ecru hosiery.

Harkening back to another prior vocation, where does one acquire a straw campaign hat with ranger band, short of....you know, having to study flora and fauna and interfacing with the hoi polloi? One's tempted by the thought of absconding with one from an Amish Patrol Buggy, a la Bertram Wooster, but haven't been engaged in Intercourse since the early '90s. Getaway would be of little angst.

Alan said...


Awesome post! My first job out of college was a deputy sheriff in CO and I also carried a S&W Model 19 and later switched to a 9MM auto. I have long since left that career far behind, but I do live about 10 miles from Lyons and Oskar Brewery. Next time I head out east, if I am in your neck of the woods can drop you a case of Dales or mixed with Old Chub.



y/n said...

Well, one of your readers lives a couple miles from Oskar Blues (where Dale's is made) and they have a fine restaurant in addition to a brewery, which specializes in Cajun food for some reason. I think they just felt like the Boulder area needed a Cajun flavor.

I am probably posting too late to warn you, if you haven't had it before, that Dale's will knock you down. It's strong for beer. 2 of those and I'm ready for a nappy.

Anonymous said...

boulder produces a lot of great weed also, but don't tell the sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Victorian Dance Hall

tintin said...

james@ 10- The Post is like the Chicago Sun Times. Great local reporting, amazing insight into the crooks of local politics and yet...they're in trouble. And I'm guilty. They keep calling but I will not subscribe. I may have to.

Stewart- I get to Atlanta a lot. GA is one of my favorite states with the best looking women. But whenever I go through your site I'm amazed you live there. Amazed.

ZZ- Nice. My old Ranger buddy talked about McDonalds in London having McJaggers.

Dust Bowl- They're yobs, amigo. Only yobs.

Anon 12:32- Try the Dog Fish 60 and 90 Day. I think the 90 Day left London in 1876 and just got here.

Anon 16:25- Uh, I'm not following you but since I love being called sweetheart - - whatever you say.

DB- I like to think I was the only enlisted man in the Army who subscribed to Advertsing Age but...I doubt it. Thanks for the compliment.

DCB- Thanks. Pictures? I have tons of pictures. I need to hold back.

Anon 2:54 - Tater? Is that you? There are 4 Ranger types. Interpretation, Law Enforcement, Resource Management (flora boys) and Museum Techs. I was not R.M. or what we called, "Granola Boys."

Alan- Funny. I have a couple of old law enforcement connections to Colo Spgs. One was sheriff of El Paso County. Wonderful folks.

y/n- Thanks for the warning but you're right. It was too late.

Anon 9:57 More like, 'Late 20th Century Bianchi Catalog'

Anonymous said...


Easy and Elegant Life said...

Think Dale's just made it down here to lil' Ol' Richmond. May have to track down a six. Althogh I'm not much on beer, IPA's are palatable. Wasn't this the first in the States?

May inspire me to get some proper sized grips for my grandfather's j-frame. Now that the hair trigger's been dealt with. Beer and hair trigger. Probably not the best combination.

tintin said...

Anon 14:20 I'm working on it.

E&E No! Take the beer, the hair trigger and aim at Gawker.