20 August 2009

Shetland Sweater - WC in '83

WC in NYC. 1983

WC is looking very Trad (despite those side burns) and a little hungover in a diner somewhere around Brook's Brothers. Author of two crime novels with hero, Harry Rane, a character my dad describes as, "...someone who's always sticking his dick in places it doesn't belong." WC has a new one coming out this winter. Dad will be elated to know Harry's missing from this one. WC could always turn a phrase. In a Jersey nightclub, WC ordered beers, looked around and yelled in my ear over the Go-Go's, We Got the Beat, "These people's lives extend about as far as the cord on their hair dryers!"

'Gone 'til November' will be out in January and if WC has nicked any of my cop stories for his book, I will put his feet on a curb and jump up and down on his knee caps. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to the read from this old friend who writes such wonderful dark stories in a bone dry style. Somewhere back in time he left the Shetland behind and affected a wardrobe of black jeans, tee shirts and engineer boots. Proof you don't have to dress Trad to be Trad.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo of WC! It must be the dead of winter if he has chosen the tan sweater over the black t-shirt. However, any Trad knows the black jeans are seasonless. Well done. ME...(formerly MM)

Zachary said...

Great photo. Looking forward to shetland season again.

Alan said...

Great short piece. Curious what you meant by "you don't have to dress Trad to be a Trad." In what other ways do you define a Trad?

Charles G. said...

"...I will put his feet on a curb and jump up and down on his knee caps."

This is one of the most painful visions I've ever imagined. And unfortunately I'll admit I've seen every Saw movie. You must have picked this up from a very sadistic drill sergeant.

tintin said...

It was late December. Very cold. Met up with JF that night.

Zachary-Thanks. Will be posting more pics from this period in the mid 80's where Trad was seeing a real comeback.

Alan- For me, Trad is about soul, depth and things lasting. Crime fiction writers are not a Trad wearing bunch per se, but they're writing screams Trad to me. Simple, clean and with a small but dedicated following who are passionate about the details and mood.

Charles G- I can't remember if that was a Drill of my Dad.

Donaska said...

Awesome photo of WC! He should use it on the back cover of his new book -- oh, wait, he is using a photo that I took . . .sorry. Keep on writing - love it.

tintin said...

You are not allowed to use 'awesome' on my blog. As to the picture, I'm sure he has already posted it on all the computer dating sites.

Donaska said...

Opps, so sorry Mr. Tintin - I forgot that you are "older" than I and use less "adolescent" words. Very groovy photo! More to your time period??? Ha - you know I love you!