04 August 2009


My Bucks
1984 Bucks

2005 Bucks
2007 Suede Penny Loafers

August will fly by and Labor Day will be here and I'll put my Bucks away. The south is more forgiving of post Labor Day Buck wearing but New Yorkers have an issue with them all Summer long. They don't seem to like them. I'm not sure why. Maybe McNairy knows.

The older pair up there were purchased for college graduation. The memo came out that men were to wear dark trousers and black shoes for the black robes. I wore white trousers and these Bucks. After putting myself through college on the GI Bill, numerous part time jobs, work grants and loans...no one was gonna tell me what to wear. I have no idea who made them. The name is long gone after 25 Summers of wear and tear.

The "clean" pair have seen little wear. Maybe to a wedding or a party where I felt the older Bucks were not deferential enough. Each pair feels almost the same. The comfort of the red rubber sole glides over hot Summer sidewalks. The sun reflected from the white suede tans my neck. Southern life oozes out of my pores and I long for a cold Dr Pepper and a Bama Pecan Pie.

The Penny Loafer is a recent addition. While I never hesitate to wear Bucks...the Penny takes some stones. They're not comfortable although they probably just need a good breaking in. I've had them two years and have only worn them once - - in Newport. They may last a very long time indeed. When I die - - If I'm buried in the Summer - - I'll be wearing them. Unless those college Bucks are still around.


Toad said...

I have a similar collection, but am missing the coveted penny loafers. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to the rare-for-the-South dark brown ones myself. Look good year round. Been thinking of buying them again.

My dad had a honeymoon photo taken in the '50s of him in - get this - blue suede shoes! They were essentially navy colored bucks.


Lynn said...

I don't like them either. They say loud shirts, fishing hats and bad cigars to me. Most often, they just don't seem to match the man. Dr. Pepper is too strong for pecan pie. Iced tea,or frozen pecan pie and hot tea.

DCB said...

Any thoughts from the group on A) best way to clean suede bucks when they get dirty; and B) what's the point where they are "too dirty" to look fresh? My white pair looks somewhere between Tintin's 1984 and 2005.


Anonymous said...

DCB - The general rule is (or at least is among my college friends) the dirtier the better. Each scuff tells a story, etc., etc., et al.

Trad - What brand are the loafers? I have a pair of Johnston & Murphy's from a few years ago but they look awkward. Certainly not the caliber of the pair you have.

tintin said...

Toad- I had no idea the Penny was coveted.

DB- They are comfortable. Your dad had blue suede shoes written all over him.

Lynn- I don't mind you not liking bucks but don't mess with Dr Pepper.

DCB- After graduation I moved to NYC and took the bucks to a shoe repair place (still there behind Trinity Church) who cleaned them up. You can get brush and a chalk bag for touch ups.

Anon 22:42- The Penny is Polo and made in the US so I assume it's Highland Shoe Co. in Maine.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed. You take as good care of your shoes as you do your catalog collection. I wish my husband had the "stones" to wear such dapper footwear. I can't even get him wear loafers with horsebit hardware. Too "tutti fruity" for him as your father so eloquently puts it. Must be his midwestern upbringing. D
P.s. I look for the info about the wallet in your comment section. Thanks, D

Anonymous said...

Hey Tintin..do you remember Gorsart? Is it still around (your comment about the shoe repair place still being there reminded me of shops that have closed since wall street has changed..so it is someone related to you post :) ) ....

ADG said...

No no Timman. When your ass checks out-we are burying it in 100% polyester lime green zippered jump suit and white Corfam side zippered ankle boots. You can forget the white lace ups or loafers. We'll then blow dry and hair spray your coif Bee Gees style. We'll then prop you up in the corner for Party picture opps. Prolly the next day we'll plant your white booted ass.

Your pal

tintin said...

D- The sale at Barclay - Rex on Lexington and 51st is no more. Wallets are $450 and card cases are $175. There's a mail order company out of Atlanta known for their alligator products and great prices. I'll try and find it.

Anon 10:11 - Never heard of it. I was a poor park ranger and my focus in clothes was around Madison in the 40s. Press, Brooks and Tripler. I see that Grosart went out of biz in 2001.

ADG- Can you fit a hooker in there with me?

ADG said...

Shit man. The Hookers go without saying man! You didn't even have to ask. And while you'll be propped up in the corner-don't think that I'll be standing around all Trad-ed out. I'm mourning your ass while sporting my Johnny Guitar Watson metalflake jumpsuit and stacks. It's gonna be an anti-Trad sendoff.

tintin said...

ADG- You'd look stunning in a Nik Nik shirt.

ADG said...

Nik-Niks....the problem for me back then Tintin, was that even a size small Nik Nik was too big. Didn't deter me though. I remember driving my MG about a half mile during the summer and getting out at the 7-11 to buy a Mountain Dew and cigs and the back of my Nik Nik shirt would already be soaked with sweat. Gnarly shit but I was goin' for a "look". I've tried to destroy all photo evidence of that time.

tintin said...

ADG- Look for my photographic evidence next week. A white three piece with flared legs. It slayed, man.

ADG said...

Tin...I'm on the cusp of busting out a 70's post with my Junior prom pic....lemon yellow polly ruffled shirt....oy.

Lady Di said...

No wonder you need a bigger apartment. You need a whole apartment just for bucks. Ever though of mounting them on the wall?

Easy and Elegant Life said...

The Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean is a good quick fix for cleaning the white bucks.

Are the laces on that pair of '84's white rawhide? Much better than the cotton I've got going on on a pair of the same vintage (LL Bean and going strong aside from a small chip in the sole. Wore 'em to a wedding this summer.)