17 August 2009

Paging Mr. Zorblade...

Mr. Ray Zorblade...

Part of the selection at the Pastuer Pharmacy on Lexington Avenue. I love New York City.


Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talkin about guvnor!

Anonymous said...

That's why there is only one New York City. I can walk into Shoppers Drug Mart (think Canadian Rite-Aid or Walgreens), which is a great drug store, but I'ld be lucky to find any double-edge blades at all!

If wasn't for online shopping I couldn't find anything!

M.Lane said...

I agree. That sums it all up in one photo.


Tom said...

Careful with those Feathers if you are just starting out. Glad to see more folks trying the DEs. Did you pick up a nice brush?

Wrenkin said...

Shoppers has DE blades—Gillette—but they're about about $13 for 10.

Tom said...

Glad to see more people trying the old ways. I been wet shaving for three years now. Be careful with those Feathers. Light touch. What else did you pick up there?

tintin said...


Prep Pauper- I had the same probs down in FL. The world is lousy with souless product all marketed by Americans intent on no taste, no drama, no style and flip flops.

M Lane- This city never ceases to amaze me and I'm grateful for it every day.

Tom- I've tried the Merkur, Feather, Astra and Derby. My .02 is:
Derby- (Sweden) is my favorite so far.
Feather- (Japan)Not so much. I may need more time. Left me with lots of tiny little nicks. No blood though.
Astra - Oddly no markings on package for country of origin. Turns out they're made in Russia by a factory owned by Gillette.
Not a bad blade for a people who put out a great tank.

I bought a Muehle brush a few years ago at Mertz in Chicago and did the Trumper soap with a cartridge. Took too long. Will try the brush and soap again on weekends. I use Santa Maria Novella shaving foam and it works very well with the DE.

It's great fun shaving with a DE. There's a touch to it and I feel like I missed 30 years to practice. The heft of the razor, the slide of the blade down the skin, the washing of the blade in a sink of water...all very meditative and soulful and cheap.

Wrenkin- Those sound like the Russkie blades. $13 for 10? Ah, it's out old friends at Gillette.