06 August 2009

More Folk

Wish I could sing along

There seems to be this crazy idea that in order to enjoy folk you have to be Christian. What a load of crap. I was going to ask my father for a picture of one of my favorite albums growing up, Songs of the Negev by the Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe. But in yesterday's post, "Folk" he commented,

"two years ago, after hauling 70+ pounds of records around all these years, I found two young music major college students who were very happy to get them -- free.

My father has thrown away his Rolex Explorer in the desert and now I learn he has given away all of his albums. This is a real tragedy because I can't find much at all about the Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe. It's like they didn't exist. I know the Echo Xray wished they didn't. She was not a fan but this is lively music with beautiful and haunting vocals by Geula Gill. Hmm. Isn't that odd? Father Gill in the last post. Geula Gill in this one.

Anyway, this music is amazing and if you like lots of different types of music it may be a real discovery for you. There's the western - like, Shir Habokrim with a beat I swear Ennio Morricone ripped off. And if, Hey Daroma doesn't get you up in the morning I don't know what will. I loved, Hora Mamtera as a kid because I kept hearing, "Sophie" which was my grandmother's name.

I throw out a lot of hard to find stuff. I do it because I'm a sadistic cretin and know you'll spend days looking for it. But you can go to iTunes, type in Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe and give them a listen. I don't know what they're singing about either but it's wonderful stuff. And like Levy's Rye Bread - - You don't have to be Jewish to love it.

Update: Find the entire album here.


Anonymous said...

Tintin a shame you missed gorsart - same cut as brooks, for about 1/3 of the price. My father was an investment banker but he liked the staff at G much better than brooks. though he had the pedigree he didn't like the attitude..
OK, i know this has nothing to do with folk...

LPC said...

Or, a little later in the game, Pentangle. If we are doing obscure folkish music of our youth.

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

After the '67 war in Israel, I never heard anymore about Oranim Zabar troupe. Maybe they didn't make it?
I should try to track references to them down again.
Sidebar: Early '67, maybe May? I ran into a Jewish chaplain and old friend. Asked him about his wife (native-born Israeli Sabra of European descent). Beautiful blond with blue eyes. He replied he'd sent her home to Israel so she'd be "safer" than in the U.S. So it goes.

Anonymous said...

Call your dad. Say thank you. For saving you from yourself. Where the hell were you planning on putting those albums? Or is that why you apartment hunting (cue opening theme to Intervention)?
BTW, http://www.aprilinparis.us/beatrice. What do you think. For the belt or wallet. Is it too tutti fruity? Well, I JUST noticed she also sells handbags. I could kill two or three birds with one stone. D

tintin said...

D- Here ya go-


This is what i had before the GF destroyed it.

skorpeo said...

waiting patiently for a post on the kingston trio. they are (or were) hometown boys done good. i had the pleasure of working with nick reynolds about 20 years ago; he was a bartender in a local restaurant and i was a bus boy. he used to bum cigarettes from me. i would have thought twice about giving them to him if i'd known he would die of cancer years later....

Anonymous said...

Me likey. What color? Black is what I am thinking. Why the flip as opposed to the hipster? Geez, I thought this would be easy. Also, don't alligators live in the water...D

Anonymous said...

Dad threw the EXP 1 away in the desert!? WTF

tintin said...

Skorp- There was after work bar in Chicago where the drummer from Styx hung out. It was not pretty.

D- I like gator in brown or tan but that's me. I think it shows the character of the skin better than black.

I had the flip because I was a monthly rider on the Metra from Lake Bluff to Chicago and the flip was perfect for the pass...or anything else you have to show a lot. Like military ID cards, Costco passes or frequent diner cards from Outback.

Anon 14:16 - Ask him. Maybe he'll tell you.