19 July 2009

A Woman

A style all her own and a confidence that speaks to the world, "Screw you. I'll do what I want." Unique and honest without botox, breast implants and nail extensions. I have no idea who she is or where's she from but when I saw her picture in a magazine (pg 17. Fall-Winter 1996-97 Le Monde D'Hermes) -- I stopped and said out loud, "My God."

At a certain point in life, I don't remember when, I no longer cared what magazines and television told me was a beautiful woman. Rachel Welch, Bridgette Bardot, Joey Heatherton...Ok, maybe Joey a little... But I began to trust what I thought was beautiful.


Blushing hostess said...

I am a frog in this kingdom.

M.Lane said...

Joey. Always.


initials CG said...

...and that's precisely when you do see the beautiful women.

skorpeo said...

there's a new television ad for foster grant sunglasses starring raquel welch. it's embarrassing to watch.

Alice Olive said...

Oh. Yes. She is stunning. Sometimes the apparent confidence/attitude that just brings you to your knees. Fabulous. Glad to hear your male reaction.

Anonymous said...

That's a man baby, and you're a phag.

Anonymous said...

YIKES! From Gwyneth to Goliath. Gotta wonder what this gal's pre-op photos looked like. Ugh.

Can't believe you left Angie Dickinson off your list of bygone beauties. Maybe you're planning a special retrospective post "Angie Dickinson: The Pepper Anderson Years." Can hardly wait :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that, Tintin. She's working a very compelling urbane look. Stay out of that woman's way!

Those rings and cigar are a bit intimidating, but if I could get past them, you think we could kill a lot of late nights discussing film and philosophy?

Her answer: "Don't bet on it, mousy man. The suburbs called...they want you safely back."


longwing said...

K D Lang?

Ben said...

Looks like a Spaniard, with some gypsy affinity. Tread cautiously but enjoy the ride.

ADG said...

Tincan...I saw Marissa Berenson...almost bumped into her at the Ritz in Paris...probably 1998....so she was, I don't know, probably close to 50 if not already there. Breathtakingly beautiful to me anyway...no makeup...wild curly hair...I think Charlotte Rampling still has good bones and again, it's an individual perception of beauty...Helen Mirren with her thickening back, her just beginning to "loosen" face, her too many cigs mouth and her fading tat on her hand ... she still does it for me.

tintin said...

Blushing- You missed my point - - there are no frogs - - at least not in my world.

M Lane- Cheese. But good cheese. Kind'a like that grocery store brand of exra sharp cheddar. 2 for $5. I can't help but think of how Second City TV's Lola "I WANNA BEAR YOUR CHILDREN!" Heatherton was more real than Joey.

CG- Real wisdom form the man in Italy.

Skorp - I saw Myra Breckenridge last year. RW hasn't been the same since.

Alice- You articulated what I couldn't. As I matured so did my taste and I didn't really care what my friends thought - - and they could be pretty mean.

Anon 10:24 Exactly. Thanks for helping me underscore the whole point of this post.

Anon 11:58 There are a handful of people who know about my obsession with Sgt Pepper Anderson. Ever since that dream I had about her when I was 16 involving a bumper pool table.

DB- I thought you'd love her? Too crazy?

longwing- KD looked so damned good in the Roy Orbinson Black and White night as a backup singer.

Ben - What's life without some risk.

ADG- I can't watch Barry Lyndon without repeated viewing of Marisa in this scene:


I tried this move at a high school football game where it failed. Maybe I was missing the Schubert. Anyway, you just hit a trifecta of beautiful women ( Have you seen Helen in Painted Lady? What a body) that I find (or Charlote in The Night Porter?) refreshing and unique and sexy as all get out. And yet I have this strange thing aboout Doris Day who I have always thought was sexier than Joey Heatherton.

Anonymous said...

I am not part of the inner circle who knows about your passion for Pepper Anderson. Just an educated guess. I figured you didn't develop a penchant for form-fitting uniforms by watching McHale's Navy or Hogan's Heroes. It had to be Pepper's style sense that inspired you. Besides, where there's Joey, Angiee is never far away.

me melodia said...