03 July 2009

The Friday Belt - Vodka, Cran & Lime

Brooks Brothers Catalog Father's Day 1990

Paul Stuart Braided Cotton Cord Sport Belt w/ Alligator Harness Tab

Not much of a vodka drinker. That's more the Gulf Foxtrot. Her favorite is the Cape Cod - - or as they say in the UK - - Vodka, Cran and Lime, yeah. Darned refreshing and certainly hits the spot on a hot day. More for the ladies. Vodka is a delivery platform for the alcohol and the taste comes pretty much from the cranberry juice.

I'm amazed at how brand loyal many vodka drinkers are. An old friend is famous for setting up impromptu blind tastings of vodka for total strangers in bars. Jim can't stand Absolut. Thinks the only reason anyone drinks it is because of the adverts. He'll buy an Absolut drinker four shots of various vodkas with one being Absolut. Over and over the Absolut comes in dead last. Jim will go to great expense to prove a point.

The Cape Cod couldn't be easier to make. Some ice in a tall glass, splash of vodka and top it off with the Ocean Spray. But you need lime. I ran outta limes which is where this belt comes in handy. I mentioned it in an earlier post. On sale at Paul 'hands up' Stuart. Nice gator bits on the end. But only for summer.

Back in the early 90's, I remember seeing a Chevrolet Suburban parked on a street in London. It looked massive and out of a place - - what with all those little Renault's & Peugeot's parked around it. Same with this belt. Horribly out of place with a suit or winter. But perfect with white shorts and a batik linen shirt in Newport. Which is where I'll be next week with the camera and lap top. So, be sure to come back here for some resort wear pics.


bikebali said...

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The Khaki Crusader said...

perfect post pre-4th.

skorpeo said...

a bartender once mistakenly served me a vanilla vodka and cran. it tasted a little like cheesecake. while i am not particularly fond of cheesecake, i quickly learned most women are. (ahem)

Paul said...

I've come to look forward to Fridays and your two belts - always fun to read - and instructional AND entertaining.

Would love to be in the NE this summer - I may still get a chance. Enjoy your trip.

Have a grand Independance Day holiday weekend!

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Why ruin a perfectly good glass of iced vodka by adding anything? I'm joking of course. I suppose it Does look better for a a Lady to be drinking a dainty dark pink drink than swilling back neat clear (call it what you will: Courage, Little Friend, or just plain Survival) liquid. Enjoy Newport.

Toad said...

Have a great time, I have taken back the curse, hope all is forgiven.

ADG said...

Have fun in Newport Tincan. I'll be there in August.

Suburban parked in London...here's one for you-I saw a Winnabego(sp?) motor home parked at the Tower of London one time with an IPTAY (Clemson Booster Club) sticker on the back.

Absolut is nasty sh*t.

Mom on the Run said...

Love a Cape Cod. Only second to a G&T in my book. I do, however, have very simple tastes. I'm definitely not into the martinis made with 15 different flavors. Ick.

Enjoy your holiday--J1 is in Newport this weekend on someone's yacht. Again I say it, in my next life I'm coming back as one of my kids.

Anonymous said...

I'll answer your rhetorical question about Absolut brand loyalty. It's simple: Like political ideology a person's drinking habits are formed early. In this case, college, in a vain attempt to create separation from the beer swilling masses of underclassmen.

Many might start their freshman year with tequila shooters and end their senior year with vodka shooters. Absolute(ly). Alas, most never do graduate...to gin.


Tintin's phred/dad said...

Ref anon--DB comment.
True, but you can never trust a gin drinker.

M.Lane said...

Can't do much better than Newport. I am looking forward to the photos and stories. While swilling my Stoli.


Blushing hostess said...

Batik linen shirt.

I don't need my cage rattled this early in the morning.

tintin said...

Trying to catch up on the comments while catching up on a vacation. New folks coming by and saying hi and that's great. The regulars with their keen wit and disdain for my taste in Batik. Dad's wisdom which reminds me to post some of the advice he gave me. Be the last to a party and the first to leave. They'll think it didn't get hopping til you showed up and it tanked when you left." Problem there was no one ever invited me to a party. Still.

I had no idea Toad layed a curse on me. Although, I do piss folks off with some regularity. Tessa, I don't know why I even need a glass at this point in my life much less a mixer. MOR- Tell you're kid to buy the guy with tri-colored boat shoes a drink. ADG- What is ADG? Attention Defict Gigilo? You bounce around more than I do. You're like my Fox Terrier on a double expresso. Blushing- I'm saving the Batik pants just for you.