01 July 2009

Happy Canada Day, eh...


Anonymous said...


~Tessa~Scoffs said...


Anonymous said...

Oh come on, Canada/Canadians are the biggest losers and everyone knows it. Boring. Nauseatingly PC. Aping whatever British or US behavior they think is appropriate. Totally lacking creativity.

tintin said...

Anon- There's a world out there packed to the rafters with bullshit. You belong in it.

Paul said...

Happy Canada Day - they make great beer, they have one of the finest pubs I've ever been in - downtown Kingston with the friendliest people, clean air, did I mention the beer?

Anonymous said...

Is what I say untrue?
Canada is nauseatingly pc:
Yes, just ask Mark Styn.
Canadians are boring.
Ever talk to one?
Canadians ape British and US behavior.
Do you know of any other people that have to sew flags on their backpacks when they travel because they don't want to be mistaken for Americans?
Lack creativity:
Ireland, a small country of 3 million, has produced far more and far better writers than Canada. For a country its size it has produced NOTHING.

Good national parks. Thats about it. but then again, that's God's work, not Canada's. Ooops! that was un PC...that's nature's work!

I really hate Canadians.

Anonymous said...

I forgot:
Horrible TV, even worse then our crap.
Stupid flag.
annoying accents, even worse than New York

Anonymous said...

I remember many a fellow soldier/officer taking boon doggles to Canada to qualify for their Canadian jump wings. Some took it to the extreme. Ever see a set of BDUs that started to resemble a boy scout sash? I have. Just how many sets of foreign jump wings does a soldier need? D

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add I checked out the car mat website. I am really digging the black sisal. Who knew, here I am obsessing about area rugs for the home when I could be obsessing about car mats to match BMW. My husband will be THRILLED. Thanks, D

tintin said...

Anon 16:59 & 17:13- I've always been amazed by how kind Canadians are. I also remember a friend telling me years ago, "No one hates like the hated."

D- Canadian Jump School was a blast and the wings I am so fond of remind me how lucky I was.

Those sisal mats would make a great area rug.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this post be in English and French?

tintin said...

It would but along with Sgt Scully of the Canadian basic para course, 'Chevrolet Coupe' is the only French I know.

Anonymous said...

The funniest description of the relationship between Canada & the US, ever.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ha7wY0YlPQ. Listen from 2:15-3:05.

Michael Rowe said...

Holy crap, Tintin...where do you get some of these "Anonymous" readers of yours? "Ugly American Stereotypes R Us?" I haven't laughed like this since Ann Coulter got into an argument with a CBC anchor over her insistence that Canada had fought in the Viet Nam war alongside the U.S.

On the other hand, what can you expect from people who can't find their own country on a map and think passports are "inconvenient." Too amusing.

Michael Rowe said...

Oh, and I forgot. Re: the flag sewing on the backpack thing...? Yes. I do know another group that sews Canadian flags on their backpacks so they aren't mistaken for Americans when they travel: Americans.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Sorry to hear that you hate my country. I'm also a little sad to learn that you're under impression that our culture is homogenous and boring.

Might I suggest you that visit St. John's Newfoundland, Montreal Quebec and Toronto Ontario sometime? I doubt you'd find them boring or even remotely similar. You may even have some fun.

Of course you might want to visit it when you're of the legal drinking age, which I believe is slightly lower than in your country.

A word of advice however: while you're visiting, you may not want to voice your opinions too boisterously. Although you're certainly brave and vocal here, you may find that your reception in certain parts of our country will be remarkably similar to opinions of that ilk being voiced in say, rural Kentucky or downtown NYC.

They'd be less indifferent to your opinion that I am, and probably wouldn't be too slow to respond in their own quaint little way.

I've been to your country many times and have found that a little courtesy and civility can reap great hospitality and rewards. The same applies no matter where you go in the world as well as Canada.

But then again, you could just stay at home and never learn about the richness that's outside your own world.

And that's probably fine by us as well.

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

Dear Canadian Losers:
I have been to your dull, boring country and met numerous dull, boring, nauseatingly pc canadians.

Your dull, boring responses to my post only prove my point. (i am glad you did not try to challenge the pc part, then you would have looked foolish in addition be dull).

I am perfectly willing to concede Canada has some good points, just that 'Canadians' are not one of them. I found that the good things about Canada, like her national parks, or the 'good view' of the nigagra falls' required little or no Canadian help.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way I forgot the most important thing here - GREATsweater/shirt.

I love the stuff you post.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Dull Canadian 13:42
"Downtown" NYC is full of metrosexuals who are so effeminized that, well, I mistake them for Canadians.

Sorry, my dull little Cannuck friend, but I have been to numerous countries, I find the Irish friendly, Rajasthanis friendly, the French friendly and interesting (I disagree with the neocon cliche about the French, and they are tough bastards - the paratroopers fought tough in Algiers, unlike your sissy second wave bicycle troops on D-Day), hell, I find Italians, English, Australians, all to be on the most part, good, interesting people.

But on the whole, I find Canadians to be first class losers. The only people I know of who are actually proud of their political correctness.

Can you accept that? my disdain for you in not the result of ignorance, but experience.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Canadian Loser 13:42

our culture is homogenous and boring.

learn about the richness that's outside your own world.
Like I said, nauseatingly PC.

the ancient Greeks, Florentines, and post 1492 Spanish (shockingly UNPC) were all 'homogenous ' and far more dynamic, creative and interesting than you idiots.

Anyone even mildly familiar with world history knows that the creative centers are almost always homogenous, and that 'multiculturalism' is usually a sign of empire (The Ottamans, for example)

How can, loser learn about the 'richness' of the outside world when your government censors and sometimes literally burns contraband political material that even hints that multiculturalism isn't such a good idea.

Add one more thing to the list: Canadians are also stupid.

Anonymous said...

I hate Canada too.

wonger said...

This guy's hilarious.

He thinks he's Mark Steyn AND has way too much time on his hands.

He reminds me of those John Milius types who bluster incessantly about war while wearing aviator shades and safari vests.

You should be a comedian, but that whole obnoxious controversy-baiting thing has been played out, and by better writers.

Anonymous said...

Take off, hosers! Evidence that Canadians have a sense of humor...
They dress their military in CRANBERRY & TURQUOISE! Beauty, eh?

Y'all need to stop taking yourselves so seriously. This is a freaking BLOG, for Pete's sake. Tinny's not curing cancer or AIDS, or alleviating world hunger. Just trotting out some old, ill-fitting clothes from his closet for your amusement. Geez.

Michael Rowe said...

You make me laugh, Anonymous.

The Canadian side of me--the charitable side--is very happy that you read this blog, because I suspect that a lot of sartorial (that means "pertaining to clothing style" by the way) information is desperately needed by nerds like yourself, as a rule. I do believe, very strongly, that men without wit, charm, intelligence, or discernible education ought to at least be clean and presentable so that they don't offend simply with their presence.

On the other hand, the more realistic side of me realizes that even Tintin's blog will likely not convince you to stop buying your poly-blend pleated khakis at Target, or that they don't qualify as "dress pants," and it's rather unfortunately clear why you prefer to by "Anonymous." Which you likely also are in real life, and will be long after you're dead.

Michael Rowe said...

Oh, and before I forget: a sophisticated, world-traveling American cosmopolitan like yourself should learn to spell "Niagara," especially since, by your own admission, seeing it was one of the highlights of your world tour.

It's not spelled "nigagra."

wonger said...

Hey, Mike Rowe,

I'd like to say that the 'Nigagra' slip was a typo but, looking at his past posts and it's spleenful of hate, I would say it was a freudian slip based on other fixations. Did you catch the 'effeminized metrosexual' barb?

Nation-hating on a country's special day, war/tough-guy-fixated, effeminate men-hater...

That's a whole lotta of hate, Anonymous.

You should never leave the comfort of your dark little basement apartment and the warm little glow of your spiteful computer screen.

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I had a typo, you 'win'.

That's the best you can do? point out a typo (there are others) and claim I buy my clothes from Target?

Sorry Canadian loser. LL Bean, Press, BB (and fortunate enough to fit into my father's 1960s BB), I even have some vintage A&F when they actually sold snake boots.

notice...nothing Canadian? Not even my maple syrup, which I get from Vermont.

Thank you for confirming the fact that Canadians are utterly un-entertaining and a complete bore to engage in confirmation about anything; even about how lifeless and dull Canadians are.

Too bad you can't report me to your commission on human rights and bring me before a tribunal for spreading 'hate'.

Anonymous said...

Canadian loser Wonger:
Report me to your human rights commission, you know the one that's created to stifle any dissent or criticism of your great multicultural 'experiment'.

By the way Freud is an utter fraud and completely discredited and pop psychology is the superstition of modern masses. In other words, like other Canadians you've not only bored me, but demonstrated your stupidity.

Michael Rowe said...

I see that the nuances of punctuation and grammar elude you with the same dogged determination that spelling does. The wonders of an American public school education, no doubt, and the general ambience of Target (where I am now convinced you work, as well as shop.)

Do they let you bring your Dell to work with you to play with in the "break room" or are have your hours been cut...?

Too amusing.

Michael Rowe said...

Exactly, Wonger. He has no idea what a buffoonish stereotype he is, though I must say his fantasy life of "vintage A&F" "BB" and "JPress" is ambitious. I'm glad he's learned some of the store names from Tintin's blog.

I do believe in people of his kind trying to better themselves in order to rise in life, and I hope he does pursue that elusive GED, listen to less cracker talk radio, travel outside the United States a little bit (there are all sorts of inexpensive package tours for people like that) and try to broaden his mind. But I imagine the incentive for that may not be present, as so many of that sort merely support each other in their ignorance.

A few less bumper stickers and flags on the pickup truck and a few more books and exercise is what people like that need. And discipline in their lives. He is a sad example of why Americans have fallen so low on the general academic scale worldwide.

Anonymous said...

oh, and before I go to bed, I forgot one more. B. Altman's. If Trad is really old school he'll remember it was fine place to buy a suit.

So, Canadian loser who accused me of shopping at target. Yes, I do buy things at target, but like the Canadian flag, I don't wear what I buy, I wipe my ass with it.

tintin said...

Anon- You're no longer at WASP 101 (Sitemeter is amazing). I moderate only to keep my more naive friends from giving out my home address and phone number... which has happened twice.

Rowe has the stones to post under his own name. You don't. I don't either but this is my blog. I suggest you consider starting your own blog (Canadian's Suck or I Hate Canadians) and carry on.

I will post your comments but you're gonna have step away from the fire and take the sheet and hood off.