06 July 2009

Tom Ford on Hay Street

"I wanted this to be like a house..." Tom Ford

I think I know what kind of house. Is it my imagination or has Tom Ford based his entire collection on pimp attire from the late 70's? I walk though his upper east side store and it's what comes to mind. I'm reminded of Huggy Bear and gold - shag with 'appliance' avacado green. Where even tasteful velvet slippers have somehow been screwed around with long enough to turn them into kitsch. This guy could fuck up an anvil with a rotten banana.


M.Lane said...

It can now be revealed that it was TF that was chasing you on Hay Street in your previous post. He was under cover getting design inspiration for his latest line.


Anonymous said...

WTF, the vest is the new corset? $75.00 socks? I hope those come with a courtesy reach around. At the very least. D

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Carrie Donovan willed her glasses to THAT guy! Lucky bastard.

Anonymous said...

I was just at Harrods in London. A pair of his tasseled velvet slippers are on sale for £560.00 down from £850.00. USA Retail Price: About $1,200 dollars! One can buy a pair of wonderful Shipton & Heneage velvet slippers for £130/$180.00 that are equal or even better quality. Are there enough people in the world who have so much money they don't mind paying two or three times more for his stuff than other amazing designers???

tintin said...

I don't get it but what do I know. Surely Carrie had more than one pr of glasses??? She had a great look in the late 70's / early 80's with that silk blouse always unbuttoned one button too far.

TF's slippers are made in Italy. I have a pr of the Shiptons monogramed in silver on black and they're very nice. And it's my monogram.