07 July 2009

Batik on the Road Again

Make mine the 60 Day I.P.A.

Heading to Newport sans Madras

J McLaughlin Linen Batik Shirt

Good morning all you Batik lovers.


Anonymous said...

And good morning to you from a linen lover in the South. Love the batik!
Have a great vacation! ME

Blushing hostess said...

That shirt makes me feel like I have a hangover - with the additional insult of not having drank anything last night.

You hurt me right where you always do, in my tastefulness.

I hope you are well and that you will go by Zelda's for me and have a sauvignon blanc and the tuna rolls. That would redeem you, for now.

Anonymous said...

Ughhh. Ouch. Ick.
Sorry Tintin. this was just...painful.

Ben said...

Looks good to me, but I (proudly) wear Aloha shirts.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the golf tournament spectator look. Finish with shirt tucked into pleated khaki shorts & feet nested in old running shoes. Accessorize with fanny pack and blistering sunburn by end of day. Classic.

Ron A. said...

Interesting. Do you like the Reyn Spooner aloha shirts? I've been tempted to buy one when Press had them on sale.

Anonymous said...

Batik to the future?

This is the sort of shirt that I think looks best on dark skin. Me, not so much.


tintin said...

Batik is the new madras. Mark my words - - you'll all be wearing this shirt next year. The Trad is always on the cutting edge of Trad.

Ron- I like the Spooners but have not bought one. I like this J Mac -- no poly. 100% linen and you can wash it.

DB - You're too fair? You?

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Sorry to arrive so late to the party. Crazy days at the manse. My father-in-law made a gift to me of a wonderful brown, tan and yellow batik shirt. Turns out it was his father's. From 60 years ago. The real deal. One very small hole near the shoulder that goes unnoticed when I'm tanned. Worn with white canvas shorts. Never fails to elicit nods of approval. And keeps me very cool in this muck.