31 March 2009

April Food Day

It happened during the Fall of 1984. He was half covered in a sleeping bag on a bench in Battery Park. He had a long grey beard and tugged at it with a filthy hand. I looked at him and was startled when he caught me staring. He pointed a finger at me and shouted, "This can happen to you! This can happen to you!" Not for one day in the past 25 years have I thought it couldn't happen to me. He's never left me and I'm aware how easy it is to wind up on his bench.

Fellow Army Brat and all round nice guy at the "Easy and Elegant" blog is asking other bloggers to contribute and spread the word about the miserable shape of today's food banks. One screw up begets another and the food banks are in as much trouble as the city banks. This organization, Feeding America, is trying to fix it. Every dollar (.49 cents in 1984 money) buys 10 pounds of food or seven meals. $25 buys 75 meals. So, if you can-- join in on this. Click here to pledge and thanks.


Pigtown-Design said...

Thanks so much for joining Chris and me in this project.

It can happen to anyone... as we're seeing now.

tintin said...

Pigtown- Design,
Thank you for what you've done. I hope there's a good turnout.

tdsowards said...

I am wearing a blue/white seersucker suit on Easter with a white button down and possibly an orange/green bowtie. I will probably be wearing cordovan loafers. What color socks should I wear.

tintin said...

Go here:


and look around. Argyle can give you plenty of ideas with seersucker. Cordovan, while not my preference with SS, should look ok with "15" or "5" I wouldn't rule "19" out either. In fact, that's what I'd go with. You're not matchy-matchy with the tie but picking up on the blue of the SS and the orange of the tie. In short, you're dressing like you didn't put a whole lot of thought into this versus a too affected, trying-too-hard look where everything matches. I'm just using Ben Silver as an example.

Max said...

April Fools?

A dollar now is surely not equivalent to .49 cents in '84. 49 Cents perhaps, but not .49.

If one dollar buys seven meals, why would 25 only buy 75? It should buy at least 175.