02 March 2009

The Elusive Bill Cunningham of the NYT

I rounded the corner at 57th and 5th this morning and almost ran him over. That's Mr. Cunningham in the blue parka. We we're face to face and I couldn't help but notice he didn't seem to be having a good time. As I walked east on 57th I convinced myself to go back and get a picture of him. When he saw me walking back with my camera out he took off. I'll keep trying but he's pretty darned quick.


Walter said...

Is Bill wearing a pair of Bean Boots/MHS? Also, he seems to stay on 5th between 57th and 60th.

Timmy Ang said...

there was an article in the times i think where he shrugged off a fan at fashion week.

im not sure whether he's the grumpy type that just keeps to himself. great photographer though.

Memphis88 said...

Definitely wearing MHS/Bean Boots. I seem to remember reading or seeing something about him wearing them all the time in foul weather.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the hell with Mr. Cunningham. I like looking at the other people on the street in your shots. They are just a gnat's a** away from some of the passersby subjects of the great William Klein:



wecouldgrowup2gether said...

not so "marvelous" i gues, as mr. cunningham always says