18 March 2009

Mind the Winter - Spring Gap

Cravat of London tie from H Herzfeld

I do like blue and yellow. It hit 60 today. It'll be warming up the rest of the week as well. A good thing. Spring starts Saturday. I think. Never been one good with dates. Problem is, you walk out your door in the morning and it's not 60. It's nowhere close. Still, the thought of throwing on a coat makes me wanna throw up. I don't mind the cold but it just gets to be a drag.

Perfect day for the sweater vest.

Keeps you warm in the morning and come lunch you can take it off, throw the blazer on and head outside for that walk up Madison Ave between 59th and 67th. That's a target rich environment for the best dressed and most attractive women I've ever seen. Chicago, a city I love, never had anything close. There was a time when the Ralph Lauren Polo store had their grand opening on Michigan Ave and a bunch of us from work headed over to ogle the sales girls. Turned out they flew a bunch of girls in from NYC.

I remember one lunch hour talking to a friend from work and rounding a corner in the store when we happened on a beautiful sales girl who had her head down and was brushing her hair in front of a mirror. She snapped her head back and the hair went up and settled down on her shoulders. Did you ever see the Rita Hayworth scene in The Shawshank Redemption? It was like that. God, I felt good the whole rest of the day. I feel good just remembering it.

Canadian Airborne brass buttons

Who knew Canadian Jump School would pay off so far into the future? These really add something personal to a blazer. I keep hoping to get the, "Nice buttons..." from the girls on Madison but it'll never happen. I have an image of Jerry Lewis circa 1966 running down the street screaming, "Hey, LA-DY! Look! Look at my buttons!"

So, there you have it. Something colorful enough to imply Spring is around the corner yet warm enough without a coat. Before you know it - - Longwing's sun dresses will be everywhere and I'll be on Madison Avenue at lunch...showing off my buttons.


M.Lane said...

An excellent plan of action. I hope to be there with you!


Alice Olive said...

Great post! Stylish-women-watching is indeed a good sport. I'm so sorry that Chicago never had any inpsiring women for you. No doubt you adjusted to the environment and did well nonetheless.

It was 70 F in Chicago on Tuesday and people came out of nowehere. Do you remember Viagra Triangle? I live near there and it was wall-to-wall people. Winter does indeed get depressing after a while. I am VERY ready for Spring, especially so I can wear those dresses!

tintin said...

Hold on, Alice. I never said Chicago didn't have women that inspired me. It just didn't have so many "inspiring" women in a 10 block radius.

I do remember the Viagra Triangle. Salesmen from Ohio spilling out onto the sidewalks of Gibsons, The Tavern and Jillies...hitting on bottled blondes with nail extensions who own a hair salon in Naperville and just divorced husband number "tree." I would walk as quikly as I could thru there.

Alice Olive said...

Ha! I hate to suggest that nothing has changed.... however the proximity to my favourite shops still makes it a good neighbourhood for me.

initials CG said...

Watch "Gilda" for the full Rita Hayworth action. I have a feeling you'll like it...

I'm gettin' pretty anxious for those Longwing Spring dresses that if Spring doesn't arrive soon I may be buying them myself to hand out as gifts!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Buttons... never thought to notice them before. I'll try from now on.

Great vest, by the way.

tintin said...

K- Here's a line I've been waiting for..."So, did those buttons come with your blazer or do they mean something?"