25 March 2009

Trad Commute

60th Street and 5th Avenue 9:09 AM

A beautiful morning. I rounded the corner off 5th and was heading east on 60th when I saw the commuters streaming up the steps of this subway stop. It reminded me of my first job in NYC after college and how I loved to be a part of the morning rush. It made me feel alive and part of something in the city. It still does.


theselvedgeyard said...

Brings back lot's of memories-- that was my stop back in the Polo years.

DCB said...

Great shot, especially for those of us with a soul-crushing car commute each day. Can't wait for spring to bring some warmth with the sunshine.

tintin said...

selvedgeyard- Good memories?

DCB- If I die and go to Hell...it will be a never ending ride in a '85 Ford Tempo on the the beltway in DC.

tintin said...

selvedgeyard- Good memories?

DCB- If I die and go to Hell...it will be a never ending ride in a '85 Ford Tempo on the the beltway in DC.

initials CG said...

Really nice picture. Your hand?

Like your take on NYC commute...It is invigorating to start the day hungry and horny.
I've gone plebeian after many years too many years in a car. Love it. Advantages: I'm more relaxed, I read more, I meet lots of interesting people (some very interesting), some nice flings too! Never want to back to a car commute...

tintin said...

cg- Yes and my phone camera to boot.

Am with you on dumping the car commute. Man, those things'll kill you.

Sam said...

morning commute is invigorating - except for the mad dash to the stairs at union square!!

Anonymous said...

When Mr. Tin was a young'un wadin' in Morgan Crick, and I wore a younger man's clothes, I was briefly ridin' the underground cattlecar from GCS to Trinity. Then trek to the Hanover Square area by 8AM, required to have perused the WSJ beforehand. It didn't help to have dined late on free beef tips & rice and overindulged in house scotch the prior evening at some joint on Third. Followed by a stagger to the modest midtown hotel whose facade is briefly glimpsed in the Seinfeld episode where Jean Paul's in town for The Marathon. The train was always deli-scented and I've never recovered from the trauma of the assault on my dignity of having agressive young Puerto Rican tarts, of whom I had not been formally introduced, swaying their voluptuous torsos against one as I fearfully grasped the hand strap with both hands. When the lights flickered out they would play grab arse with me and whisper vulgar propositions en Espanol, at 7:30 AM. Your concrete canyons and cosmopolitan ways intimidated a simple rural rustic. No grits at the Dickens Coffee House on Beaver, either. Gimme the red clay path to the Trade'n'Post down the holler. Only stray black bears and an occasional rabid grey fox to encounter. (How's that for a third rate imitation of KAV?) jg

tintin said...

Sam- Union Sq in the AM? Bad place to be.

JG- You've exceeded your southern letters, sir. Thomas Wolfe would be proud. "The Coffee House on Beaver, either..." Indeed. KAV is a third rate imitation of you.

Anonymous said...

That morning commute is when I realzied I had no desire to be in NYC. I proceeded to waste another 6 years there.

Tintin's phred/dad said...

I agree with what Anonymous stated in a comment on 26 Mar. I found, at age 18 and new to NYC, that it wasn't for me. Unlike anonymous, I got the hell out of there soon and never went back except for passing through, and that only when necessary.
For many years now, I've lived in the west, and seldom travel east of an imaginary north-south line that parallels the Pecos river.
"I like it here, I like it here, you bet your ass I like it here."

For those of you who don't know Tin-tin personally, he devoted a year in NYC, employed, auditioning for Broadway and such. He didn't make it (or chose not to). He has the talent, that's for sure. I informed him once, that if he did make it, and earned a "Tony," to please not invite me to an awards ceremony, 'cause I'd never visit a cesspool like that. Rude? Yes.

Death Bredon said...

Guess I'd rather be in Colorado.

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

Re: Death Bredon Comment 26 Mar. I
visited CO many times over the years. Moved here permanently over 10 years ago. Like it a lot. Weather not bad at all. Over 320 days of sun a year. Snow day (24" max on Mar 26; 8" where we live). Sun out today on 27 Mar. Snow melted from cars and roads by noon (if sweep car off with broom).
Wildfires highly exaggerated (especially by our panicky Dem, Gov.-- resembles "chicken little.)
Locals know how build in forests. Newbies refuse to clear debris and trees away from house; build with cedar shingles and such; then cry and whine when house burns.
Predator wild animals dangerous but many people don't bother to learn how to avoid them. More placid animals like buffalo, moose, deer also attack if toyed
with (that ain't Bambi you dope).
Legislature comes up with goofy laws. If predator on premises you
are to cal Wildlife Dept. Is OK if urban, (no point shooting neighbor if you don't know what you're doing). Rural folk ignore bullshit law and follow the 3S's -- Shoot, Shovel, Shut up. (Most rurals have at least a front loader.)
Medical facilities good here. Good shopping also (especially in the burbs). Fine dining and such mainly in downtown Denver. Downtown is east of !-25. We refer to it as Kansas and almost never go there (same problems as NYC).

Affordable Apartments Dutchess County NY said...

I live in Dutchess County (update from NYC) and I enjoy my commute to the city. I find that it is a perfect time to sit back in my seat on the train and just collect my thoughts. I also love the combination of a lazy suburban life on the weekends and a hectic work schedule during the week.